Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey


Trade the Journey is an blog founded in 2018. The firm began as a blog featuring short reflections on financial management and investment philosophies. Trade the Journey’s investment approach is dedicated to pursuing strong, consistent returns across market cycles and macro events.

The books featured in this list, are  highly recommend.  The pictures are clickable and are direct links to Amazon.

“Bet with your head, no over it” –  The Sopranos

Trading Lesson 2: Self-Trust

March 24, 2024

As my trading size and profits have consistently grown, I’ve decided to share weekly lessons from my trading journey. These

Trading Lesson: Overtrading

March 17, 2024

With my trading size growing and consistent profits coming in, I’ve decided to pen down…

Top Investment Strategies for Current Market Conditions

February 6, 2023

Top Investment strategies for Current Market Conditions Investment involves assessing current market conditions and the…

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