Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

200th Blog Post

Top of the Morning. In this week’s post, I shall not talk about finance, investing, or trading. The original title for this post was “Know thy Platform.”

The premise of the post:

A trading platform is more than a medium for placing trades. A good trading platform can help you perform research, technical studies, and analysis for potential trades. For three years, I’ve used thinkorswim as a trading platform.

During the trading week, I follow the same routine. Each day, I review the trading action in the indices and stocks I follow. I then read and reflect on the day’s current events. My goal isn’t to figure out why the price moved, which I have no way of knowing. Of course, I make attempts in deducing “Why” the price moved but I’ll never know.

Reviewing the events serves only one purpose, maintain or adjust my outlook

Although I haven’t traded in the last two weeks, I still like to practice developing a flexible bias on the stock’s direction for the next day or week. Looking and reflecting on the day’s price action adds years to your trading experience.

While reading the news overview of the market, I scrolled down and found additional categories of news and developments. Each page led to more articles and page links, taking me further into the site’s world of information.

Each link produced the same reaction, “Wow, this platform has this feature also.”

At this point, I stopped and thought of the websites I paid to join to acquire the same information. I spent most of the weekend scouring the site for new features or sections that may have been overlooked.

One lesson that sticks with me is that your level of understanding influences your perception. One explanation for my willful ignorance could be that insider trading and M&A was of little value to me as a novice. As a novice, I thought the key to successful trading was an additional indicator and more knowledge.

Trading is much more than an indicator or a new piece of knowledge. I won’t go into details of what trading means to me because it’s different for everyone. I will say that an “Edge” comes in many forms, and it happens to be in reflection for me.

Discovering these new sections and categories allows me to use my skills in big picture thinking better.

I guess it makes sense now why I’ve never missed a day to learn and reflect on the nature of trading.


Wow, two-hundred blog posts successfully posted.

When I began writing on this site, I wasn’t sure how long my trading interest would last. The learning curve for trading can be steep. Some of the best traders have remarked that a three to five year learning period is to be expected.

I agree. This is my fourth year of learning and trading.

Everyone thinks that you can jump into trading in one moment, and in the very next moment become a millionaire. The more you understand, the more you realize you don’t understand.

One of the crowning moments for me as a trader was releasing myself of the expectation of finding the perfect trading system. I realized that trading isn’t about being right or wrong.

I can remember staring at the definition of an option and trying to decipher the difference between a put and a call. I wanted to give up and do something else. I kept going.

One day it just clicked, and I began to understand how options worked. I formed the idea of a blog in 2018 and if you go to the blog section, you’ll see my first post in October 2018. I haven’t missed a week of posting on my blog yet.

At first, I didn’t think it to be a big deal, but I thought about the accomplishment’s levity as I lay in bed. How many people post more than ten posts before giving up?


Sometimes we miss the opportunity to celebrate the small wins on our way to accomplishing our goal. I want to celebrate this achievement, hence the cake and candles.

There were some weekends, I didn’t feel like writing a post, but I did it anyway. One of my rules is that you can think and have doubts but complete the process regardless. When I stopped, hopping from interest to interest, and focused on one goal, everything changed.

A single-minded focus is essential to your success. The feeling of this achievement will fizzle, and soon I’ll be looking for a new height to reach, but I am going to appreciate the moment for right now.

Whatever you do, keep going.

This past week:

I’d like to give myself a “B” for continued improvement.

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