Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

A guaranteed winning investment!

Is there such a thing? Indeed there is. The cliche statement of “Investing in yourself”. I like many have heard this statement for most of my life but never truly understood the meaning of it.

When your going about your daily life, there are many spending decisions you make throughout the day. If your going somewhere, and you drive the car needs gas. You might have to pay to park. Then there’s lunch or dinner even if you are cooking. Some of the decisions are necessary, some not. But we have to spend money to live, unfortunanetly.

Often we see things we like to do or maybe learn but we hesitate. Perhaps that investment you can make in yourself cost more than you care to spend. There are upcoming bills that need to be paid and tomorrows’ expenses. But if you’re going to hesitate, it shouldn’t be in investing in yourself. Although, it doesn’t seem like it, investing in yourself will pay dividends as time goes on.

You never know when a piece of information you learn will become profitable in the future. Whether it is to assist you in taking advantage of an opportunity or prevent you from experiencing pain. What if you paid $100 for a tape and only learned one thing. The author made it clear, that if you see the price of a stock move in a certain pattern it could indicate this. 

If does this and then you hear this about the industry, you can be quite sure the stock will plummet. You seeing the pattern and watching for the indicator are confident enough to buy a put option. The stock plummets and you make a hefty return, was the $100 worth it?

You bet it was. You made a decision, a strategic bet, that by buying this tape you would learn this strategy and you did. It paid off and it paid dividends as well. Never hesitate to make an investment in yourself, if you are able to afford it. And even if you can’t right now, there may be alternatives and if there aren’t, save for it.  But never hesitate.


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