Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Adjusting my Budget!

When constructing your monthly spending plan its often hard to determine whats needed and whats not. Everyone has something that they enjoy to spend money on because of the experience.

But in some situations, your cash flow may be in jeopardy if you continue to spend freely. Anticipating your cash flow can be helpful both in the short-term and the long-term. Knowing a little bit about key economic indicators can be helpful in your forecast. Knowing a lot about your financial situation can help even more.

Looking at my budget, I know full well that sushi is a large part of my monthly allowance for entertainment. The amount I spend each month fluctuates depending on my expenses for the month. One thing I noticed about my budget that I never paid attention to before was the separation between eating out and sushi expense.

All this time, I never realized that I was counting sushi as a separate expense. I was spending double the money eating out each week. Subconciously I think I knew and didn’t want to admit to myself I was overspending in this area of my life.

Once you see something, it’s hard not to see it. I combined the two expenses and I begin to decrease the amount I spent on sushi each week.

For some this may seem unnecessary. Why are you going through such extreme measures to save money?

This is a question I ask myself daily and will continue to ask myself daily. The answer is that my purpose/goal is more important than the happiness I may feel for the moment. Its delayed satisfaction.

I believe when your goal is to be successful the willingness to sacrifice is one of the determining factors in a successful outcome.


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