Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

But Money is the root of evil?

On Sunday, the Superbowl held my attention until the ending. Everyone was hoping for a fourth-quarter comeback by the Rams. Both teams faced challenges scoring and each entered the fourth-quarter with a field goal. The Rams weren’t able to pull it off and Brady wins his sixth championship, with no plans of retiring soon.

While watching the game at a crowded bar, I overheard someone say that their two-hour meter would expire soon. “Oh Well, I guess I’ll pay for the ticket when it comes“, they remarked.

The surrounding area only contained 2-hour parking meters. Some rushed to fill the meter to avoid a ticket and this person did not. Many moons ago, I would have echoed a similar sentiment amongst the crowd.

But now I ask why? Why would I want to give the city an extra $59 if it wasn’t necessary? I can’t speak about the person’s financial situation because I don’t know them. But I can speak on the thinking behind that decision. My guess is this person will remember its due and if they are paid a decent wage the charge will ultimately be brushed off.

What does this decision say about the way they think of money? Does it show that they respect money and understand its value? Did they consider that the hour of work they completed was for a ticket?

My guess is probably not. Even if $59 is their hourly wage they sacrificed time away from family, goals, hobbies, and relaxation to earn that hourly wage. And with a split decision, they gave the money away?

I’m also guessing this person wouldn’t hesitate to splurge. As I grow in my thinking and understanding, I shiver at the thought of giving money away unless it is for a charitable cause. I make my best effort to prevent these money draining situations from occurring.


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