Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Choosing the Mission

Choosing the mission is almost as important as the mission itself. In order to embark on a mission with the greatest chances of success, a plan must be formed. The general in preparation of war is aware of the current circumstances and is aware of the orders from above, which is to be victorious. The general needs to make decisions and those decisions put their soldiers, country and their own lives at risk. You are in the same position. Life is serious and time passes never to return.

We all want to be victorious. But like the general, planning is a determining factor. A plan does not guarantee we will be successful but it does increase our chances. Life has many opportunities and everything looks like a potential opportunity for the unstill eye. The problem with opportunities that are apparent is that they are not invisible, they are quite visible to everyone around you.

This means that people before you have seen the opportunity and are working diligently to take the opportunity for themselves and their wellbeing. What does this mean for you? It means that you have to be certain on the mission and certain that this is a mission you want to undertake. It takes time, timing, knowledge, and understanding to seize the opportunity that other knowledgeable and diligent people are vying for. It takes, even more, to remain profitable and successful with the challenges that arise from upstarts like you once were.

Where do the generals go when they need to make a decision? They go to the war room.

They go to discuss strategy and the possible success of the mission. They focus on the mission and nothing else. They focus on nothing else. You must develop this type of focus, a “war room” in the space of your mind where nothing else exist besides the success of your mission. I say all of this, to say that whatever opportunity you see, pursue it with a single-minded purpose.  Become so knowledgeable about your mission that the details become forgotten facts.

With this intimate knowledge, it will allow you to move fluidly. The best traders, basketball players, boxers, etc., move fluidly. They move not according to what they think but according to what the situation is showing them. They adapt and because of the knowledge they have acquired by diligence, they move fast and accurately.

Whatever your mission is, work at it! The work starts after the excitement fades and this is where most fade away. This is where the work will become painful. You may see people you recognize along the route to your missions goal that gave up along the way and at different points. You don’t have to brilliant, the best looking or the luckiest, you just have to have the poise to proceed when others say there is nowhere to go.

This mastery will repay you for your dedication. Thoughts?

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