Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Controlling your investment Narrative!

Controlling your narrative is of prime importance to your well being and wallet. Controlling your narrative means controlling your story and how it is told to yourself. Although  things may be happening that are counter to your positive narrative, your narrative should not sway.

Well, it will sway and sometimes it may feel like faltering but as long as you are there to uphold it, it won’t. It will always rebuild, using the current events as pillars to strengthen it. Losing investments and losing money is a reoccurring part of life. You have to win and you have to lose.

But by upholding a positive narrative like mistakes are necessary to prepare me for the winning in my life then it becomes much easier to be better at what I am doing. Using indicators at first seemed like the way, I believed that if I knew everything about the market, I’d a have a better chance at winning. Now I see that not to be true.

The more I learn, the more I think I need to know. Which is becoming a problem because you will never know everything. No matter how much you try and it will, in fact, make it harder to win. What if the price breaks the support or the price breaks the resistance, what then? 

Will you panic because of all you that you know or would you remain calm knowing that you don’t have to know?

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