Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Daily Habits

What are your daily habits? Most people don’t even realize they have daily habits or don’t think of them as such. The actions are so natural to them, that they don’t realize they do them. If you had to recount you day, could you? Not only the major events but the small ones as well.

Most of us can’t and it isn’t until someone brings an action to our attention, that we take notice. One of the actions Rich Habits asked you take is to observe some of your habits and identify what you would like to change. It advocates for you to form a good habits checklist for 30 days, to review the list daily and try to get 80% of the list done.

It can be assumed that the most important habits that vital to your success should be in the 80% that gets done daily. This reminds of the 7 habits of highly successful people. However, what I really appreciate this idea is that it breaks down your actions into daily habits where you can make detailed changes. I firmly believe that the big changes in life, finance, fitness or whatever area of life you can consider happens when you attend to the small details.

For instance, spending small insignificant amounts of money here and there may seem like it doesn’t make a difference but it does. It truly adds up over the month and if you calculate the amount at the end of the year, it could be a down payment for a car. Although, you’d think just that fact would catch someone’s attention but it often doesn’t. Most people feel like they need to make big changes to change their life but its usually the small stuff that nails you.

Once you form a list of habits you do daily, it will increase your awareness of your daily actions and most likely your thoughts leading up t the action. When you begin to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?”, then you are on your way to making some changes. Its challenging changing your habits at first because the habit you are seeking to change is ingrained within you and makes your life a little bit easier to live because you know what to do without thinking.

Start small. They didn’t build Rome in one day. I started off making my bed each morning. It only takes a couple of minutes and seems like it would be no problem. However, when I arise for work at 5:00 am, its struggle each morning especially if I’m running late but I have convinces myself that it has to be done. I’m almost ready to conquer the next habit.

Set Goals for Daily/Monthly
List daily goals that have a realistic chance of being completed.
Are you aware of:
Current Years goals
Next Years goals
Long term Goals

Your probably hear the word “goals” more often then you need to so I won’t belabor the point. What I will say is that if you can’t list your goals or do not see the point of looking in to the future when you should enjoy the present. Maybe you should hear the word “goal” one more time and ask yourself why everyone keeps bringing it up.

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