Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Do you BELIEVE in Money?

Before you answer that question with a definite, “No,” may I ask what you believe in?

That’s an easy question to answer, and I would expect anybody to list a couple of ideas and thoughts they hold dear. These ideas and thoughts describe who we are at our core. They are our beliefs, and our beliefs determine how we interact with the world.

So I ask again, Do you believe in Money? A definite “No”, I can hear you repeating.

“I believe in God, family, morals, and integrity. Why on earth would I believe in Money?”

That is the definition of worshipping a false idol. That is the definition of praying to evil and offering your soul in return for riches.

Money has the power to take over our wishes and desires, leading us astray. It can bring our insecurities to the surface and act as a psychologist, encouraging us to work through our pain for a small fee.

Money has real power; it can build and destroy nations. Money can be transformed, duplicated, and transported into the future, or it can await us with wisdom if we do not prepare.

To some, there’s not enough of it, and to others, there’s more than enough.

Yet its true nature evades us.

The trick to Money is that it only holds the power that we give to it. Our value of it determines how we spend it, save it, and invest it. This unconscious belief we have in Money is true individually as it is true of a Nation.

Even if we fail to admit, we believe that this dollar will purchase one dollar’s worth of goods and services.

If we lost faith in Money, it would undoubtedly lose its value. The system could collapse if we lost faith in it.

So do you believe in Money? A resounding “No” still echoes among the naysayers. I can accept anyone’s belief if they hold firm to what they believe.

Maybe I should restructure the question.

What does Money mean to you?

It means providing for my family and myself and assisting me in accomplishing my goals. We all need Money to survive in our daily lives.

That is an admirable perspective of Money. It doesn’t sound like an answer someone would give if they loved Money.

Did the concept or the question change?

Well, I guess it all depends on your perspective.

I say that we do believe in Money. We believe in its power to destroy, bring unhappiness, and remind us of who we are if we value the status it provides.

Like a stock rising above its average encouraged by the positive attention received, so Money grows in the same way. Done the right way, Money accumulates.

This past week in review has encouraged me to continue forward in paying off debt. How simple does that sound?

Growing up, I questioned how someone could earn over one-hundred thousand dollars a year and keep a small percentage of it at years end. And then I entered the real world where everything is uncertain, our responsibilities increase and life happens.

Then everything makes sense. It all makes sense. I can see how we can end up trading our beliefs for what we thought we believed about our future; Life is harsh. The pain of our choices destroys a little bit of our future each day, and we can’t spend our way out of it fast enough.

Soon enough and before we know it, Money assumes power over our lives. We need it, and we trade our time for it, only to give our time up on the weekends.

Do you believe in Money? What does Money mean to you?

I believe in Money’s power as a resource, a diligent ally, and a bridge that connects me to my goals. I believe that proper money management secures your future, allowing you to accept that Life is Harsh.

I reject its false power to cure me of my insecurities or provide me with temporary happiness.

You don’t have to change in one day, but you can make small changes each day. So from now on, I pledge to incorporate this new belief into my mindset.

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