Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Double Up!

Double up, three or four times I ain’t tellin’ no lies
I just run it up, never let a hard time humble us – Hussle


This post is a little different from the usual updates I post in regard to the subject matter.

I write about many topics regarding the management of money and investments partly because I find it to be challenging. It’s not only challenging but a life long pursuit of mastery. There’s no set it and forget it mechanisms for this area of your life.

There are set it and forget it investment and retirement funds available to choose from, but is this where your money can earn the best return?

Probably not.


Some people mature faster than others, and some recognize the harshness of life early on.


A while back, I can recall working on a business plan with the aspirations of earning a profit quickly. Then life got in the way, and before I knew it, I was in the midst of a storm. I thought to myself, why is this happening, I’m just trying to do the right thing and elevate myself?

These challenges were a sign that the business would not work. I tried my best, and my best was not good enough.

Not only was I working all the time, trying to keep up with my obligations and business, but I was stressed out as well. I realized at that moment why pursuing the pre-created paths were the best to take. The path laid out by your parents and everyone around you.

It’s best to have the security and safety of a profession in which you knew the outcome. No more would there be these unexpected issues and challenges involved in creating a business.

The only thing I had to worry about was lifes’ unexpected issues and challenges which would occur regardless of what I was doing.


I mean, trading takes up a lot of time, and so does your chosen profession.

Upon graduating from college, I had a dream of starting a business helping college students determine the right major for themselves. They would be able to find a career that provided them with income and fulfillment.

I started but never completed the business. Personal problems and a lack of focus caused me to lose interest. I gave up.

Next, I started Next Stage Knowledge with a business partner to help seniors learn how to learn the latest computer programs. Working alongside a partner requires you both to have the same vision and purpose. We did not, and that lead to the dissolvement of the business.

The business wasn’t progressing fast enough and required consistent advertising work. I gave up and let the business fall.


Once again, my idea factory suggests another idea to get rich quick.


You can make a lot of money trading, and you can run a trading business by yourself. Many people have earned a living trading.

So, three years ago, I decided to acquire a financial education, which would be mostly self-taught.

Never did I imagine that trading and investing would be so much work and research. The work and research only prepare you to trade. Trading is as much about execution as it is about preparation.

While all this is going on, I take notice of the people around me. I take notice of the regrets and the complacency. I also take note of the subliminal messages passed along between the working class. I admire the working class because I am apart of the working class, and I see what it takes to be successful.

Showing up to work every day ready to work and eager to learn requires you to have an absolute determination and foresight to do so. Now multiply that determination and vision, and that is what it takes to start something on your own.

It might not work. There are plenty of examples of people who had dreams.


This isn’t a dream; this is a plan. There’s a difference between a plan and a dream.

Every day, I get up with two objectives on my mind, my plan, and my profession. To be truthful, I thought that by now, I would be refocusing on another dream.

However, this isn’t the case. Realizing the challenges before me, I understand who I have to be, which is someone I haven’t been before.

I have to be ten toes down, which means wholly dedicated seven days a week.


Many verbally repeat that they are the definition of dedication and commitment.

In 2008 while surfing a website, I saw a local rapper articulating his vision on gangbanging and hip-hop. I saw videos of him and heard stories of him grinding to make his vision of becoming successful in the rap game a reality.

On the same corner he grinded from, he later brought and was able to call his own. I saw the dedication, the marathon he ran, and the belief he had to stand tall on owning everything he produced.

He was assassinated in that the same lot.

If you never saw someone stand tall to what they believe, I suggest you check his story. This convinced me that in order to succeed, you had to double-up.

Double up, three or four times I ain’t tellin’ no lies
I just run it up, never let a hard time humble us- Hussle


Stand tall because it’s so easy, not too.

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