Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Emotions? We all have them!

Last night I was listening to Chat with Traders. Chat with Traders is a YouTube channel dedicated to interviewing experienced traders. These experienced traders provide their insights, wisdom and their analysis of the markets.

The particular trader they had on was Michele Koenig and she was sharing her experience of trading and how she became a profitable trader. You can find the video here.

She spoke about maintaining her composure during trading and how her experience helped her to do so. Her composure was built from years of trading, somewhere between losing a fortune and making it back. When you listen to the interviews of these experienced traders they speak of their feeling of superiority/mastery of the market.

They also speak of the market’s unique ways of reminding them of the importance of humility and self-control. Trading with humility and self-control requires composure and a complete understanding of your emotional design.

Emotional Design? We all react to things differently. Some of us may not be able to manage the liquidity or handle the emotional roller coaster of the Forex market. We may find the stock market is more manageable for us.

Find out what works for you and focus on that.

Its inevitable as a beginner trader/investor that I will experience all of the emotions involved in trading. The successful trades and the not so successful trades are a part of the game. The key is to truly understand this and believe that success and failure are apart of any walk of life.

Before you can do well in the market, you must first master yourself and your emotions. If you have no self-control in your life, how can you exhibit self-control when trading in the market?

They say that the market is a reflection of you. What is the market showing you?

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