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Trade The Journey

Entrepreneurship: Writing!

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This post is the first of a series of post covering Entrepreneurship. What it is and what it is not.

As I received my diploma, I couldn’t help but think the world was at my fingertips. I was going to start a business, and it was going to be successful. I thought about how I would run it, the money I’d make and the prestige I would receive.

Looking back, it was there. The ingredients for success were there, but I was missing the most crucial part. An understanding of what starting a business truly entails.

I had some ideas about the businesses I’d like to start, so I got started. When your first starting out, you don’t have the resources of an established company. So you’re the jack of all trades. In other words, you do everything.

Each time the businesses crashed and burned. I’d start full of energy, ready to begin and slowly but surely I’d move onto something else. None of the businesses I had dreamed of starting lasted long enough for me to receive any feedback on the idea. The only feedback I saw was that I was not a millionaire.

At the time, I didn’t understand Entrepreneurship. I didn’t understand Life. After leaving college, I slowly slid towards rock bottom.

I can’t blame the college I graduated from because I gained a mentor/friend through the entrepreneurship program. The program also allowed me to form relationships with colleagues who will be tomorrows leaders. However, I can’t help but think that perhaps college contributed to my lack of understanding of entrepreneurship and Life.

That if you worked hard and did the right thing, everything would work out each time. That starting a business is a decision you make in spite of Life’s challenges, not in the absence of them. Moreover, that things in Life never work out as planned.


Entrepreneurship is not a get rich quick scheme nor is the success of the entrepreneur grounded in certainty. It requires everything of you. The freedom that most envision is the by-product of the arduous hours involved in molding your product or service to the liking of consumers.


So this is what this section of the blog will be about Entrepreneurship and what it takes.


My choice in starting a blog came after the rejection I faced amid family and friends who denied my growth. I thought that there had to be people out there who could empathize with my journey. The journey towards Financial Freedom.


The success of my blog and business depend on how well I can convince the reader that I understand finance and its principles. To some, writing may not be that important in the grand scheme of things. Not true. With the written word, you can position yourself to receive opportunities and assistance in starting your business.

If you look at some of my older posts, I hope you can see the growth in my writing. One of the tools I use to help me formulate my thoughts and correct my grammar is Grammarly. I’ve been usually Grammarly to correct each post, and recently, I joined the premium membership.

I have to admit that I was hesitant to purchase Grammarly’s premium membership. However, I thought to myself, “This is an Investment into your business and you.” So I made the purchase, and it took my writing skills to the next level.

Grammarly corrects my egregious errors and explains why it is doing so.


Writing for a Cause:


Upon graduating from college, I was hired as a grant writer for a small non-profit eager to help lower-income families access the benefits of renewable energy. We submitted our proposals for funding alongside other organizations keen to advance their cause and improve the lives of others.

How do you stand out? Each cause has a valid reason for asking for funding. The same could be said of companies competing for funding. Venture Capitalist have thousands of business plans to read and cipher through. The majority of businesses, the venture capitalist or investor knows is doomed to fail.


The reality is your just one of many vying for someone’s attention.


Learning to make sure that your message structured in the best way possible can mean the difference between success and failure. This is where Grammarly can come into play. It can assist you in structuring your message so that it is well received.

The next Entrepreneurship post will be about forming a business plan versus a start-up plan.

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