Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Filtering your Wants

Filtering your wants can be just hard as truly identifying your needs. The separation of the two can be harder if your used to spending money. For me, it has been quite a journey and I  am not so sure there is a set it and forget it button.

I find myself constantly readjusting my thoughts to different situations where something I thought I needed has become a want. For example, is an energy drink really a need or want? Working in the early morning hours after a short night of sleep can make a dose of caffeine a “need”. That jolt of energy helps you start your day.

But is it a really a need and can you afford to spend the money on these small needs everyday? It doesn’t feel like much and the benefits of that jolt of energy can be needed when starting off. Perhaps there is a another option. Buying wholesale will allow me to save a lot more than buying energy drinks every morning. The illusion of the upfront cost of $40 spent in one day can seem like a lot more than the $5 you spend each morning.

 But why do we hesitate to make the purchase? Maybe because $5 doesn’t seem like much and $40 does seem like much more especially when we are purchasing other things. In all fairness,  we could cook the meals that we purchase, make the drinks we drink, and make the clothes we need. We could become esentially self-sufficient but then the question becomes, is this the highest and best use of our time?

The answer would undoubtedly be, No! We only have a certain amount of time in the day to accomplish what is needed. We often don’t have time to take all the measures needed to produce everything we consume. But we can make an effort to strategize what we need, what we want, and what we can’t live without.

Filtering your spending habits between wants and needs will allow you to see what is truly a need and truly a want. There are some “wants” we can keep and some we can avoid. The decision I like to ask myself is how will eliminating this “Want” from my life affect me. Denying myself something that could make things easier for me in other parts of my life, is something worth considering.

This line of thinking will only be successful with a budget or if you have prior knowledge of your spending habits. Knowing what you truly want and what will truly contribute to your happiness long term can be helpful.

Yes, you only get one life to live and you should truly enjoy yourself and be happy. Life is not about following someone’s rules or ways of living. It’s about finding out what works for you. There are certain principles like saving more than you spend that apply to all situations. But how you go about doing it is totally up to you!


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