Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Just because it’s Sunny, doesn’t mean…

Getting up early in the morning has never been easy for me. I like to wake up well-rested, feeling refreshed each morning.

I have trouble sleeping.


Sometimes I feel pressured to maintain consistency even if no one notices. Writing in my blog is one of my consistencies. Sure I could miss a day but missing one day usually leads to missing another day.

Before you know it, you’ve lost a place in the only race that matters. Its a marathon towards your goal which requires a consistency that most shrug off. “I’ll do it tomorrow.”


With that said, on the morning of my trip back home, I decided to wake-up a little earlier. I knew the ride back home would take most of the day.


Sure, I was tired, but I needed to write the post to maintain my momentum. The task was complete and the now the dreaded trip back home.

The trip started as any other trip. However, this day was a little hotter than usual and the traffic a little more hectic due to the holiday weekend. I should have noticed the cars parked alongside the freeway with their hoods up trying to cool down the engine.

But I didn’t, and the air conditioner hummed along with the music playing through the speakers. The car begins to slow and just like that the meter drifted toward the red section. The car was overheating.


Pulling over quickly, I made two mistakes- Putting my face close to the steam of the engine and trying to gauge the heat of the engine with my hand. Lessons learned.

A four-hour trip turned into eight hours. It was a grueling trip. I never got a chance to revisit my blog that day.

I would have had the perfect excuse to cover my absence for the weekend. The trip that was supposed to be relaxing turned into a nightmare.

What does this have to do with finance? Money Management?


It has nothing at all to do with finance, or maybe the outcomes of the situation are correlated to saving money. Maybe if we search, we find a link between the two results.

There wasn’t an emergency that I foresaw happening before the trip. Nor was there any indication that something could happen. The situation took me by surprise as it would anyone else.

However, in this instance, I was prepared. The night before I said to myself, “I’m probably not going to feel like writing when I get home from the trip. I better do it before I leave in the morning.”

That thought was the only saving grace; otherwise, I would have missed the opportunity to share my thoughts for that weekend.


You may never know when or why an emergency may occur. So try and save a little for when emergencies do occur.


I believe the Universe/God has a special place for those who value the purpose of money as a resource. It’s a resource that allows you to help others while helping yourself.


This past week was a week of discipline and smart moves. I found my way into Costco and brought all the items I purchase at the convenience store.

Let’s think about the savings:


Gummi Bears: My guilty pleasure.

         $2.50 at the gas station.
At 12 times per two weeks. $60 per month.
At 15 times per two weeks. $75 per month.


At Costco:

$1.23 per package.
$18.49 per package of fifteen.
$36 per month.

Savings: Between $24 – 39 per month in savings.


Lenny and Larrys Cookie:

$3.00 at the gas station
At 12 times per two weeks. $72 per month.
At 15 times per two weeks. $90 per month


At Costco:

$1.33 per package.
$15.99 per package of twelve.
$32 per month.

Savings: Between $36 – $58 per month.


Energy Drinks:

Best Deal:
$5 for three drinks.
Usual Deal:
$4 for two drinks.
At least five days a week. Two drinks per day. I know, I need to cut the amount I drink.
Ten drinks per week totals to $40 per week.


At Costco:

$29.99 for a package of thirty.

Savings: $100 saved per month.


Taking the lowest amount saved per month, I would keep a total of $161 per month.


Some would say, why don’t you just cut these purchases altogether. I could, but then I’d be miserable. In all honesty, these are luxuries that I can afford at the moment.

Fortunately, I don’t spend a lot on wasteful items besides food and snacks.


The point of all this is to help develop a mindset more in tune with prosperous economics. Your money and my money need to be utilized to its best ability with limited risk.

When you think about saving money, you automatically begin to think of money as a resource. What you are doing is thinking about the best outcome by using your money as leverage. You own a highly valued resource (“Money”) in which companies are competing to accumulate and earn.


You have the power to find the best deal and return available. Make money work for you. I leave you with this quote:

“Spending is a measurement of your resource utilization.”

This week’s grade is a “B“.

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