Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Nipsey Hussle tha Great

Man what a horrile week! I usually post an update to this blog every Sunday. But something happened that you couldn’t have anticipated. The Murder of Nipsey Hussle.

A part of me still can’t believe it. I followed his career from the start. Beginning with his first mixtape, Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol. 1. He actually first came to my attention through an interview given pertaining to the state of Hip-Hop. The way he articulated himself, I knew it was just a matter of time before he was a success. He was authentic.

Throughout the years I followed his moves and listened to each interview trying to decipher his reasoning for his latest business move. When you see someone slowly make their way to the top, you feel personally invested. You salute them, especially when they make it out of harsh circumstances.

When he released his album, I was shocked even though I shouldn’t have been. The production value, the content and the beats instantly made it a classic. Outside of the music, he continued to succeed both in business and reinvesting in his community.

I’ve heard many people say, “This one hurts”. I would have to agree. This hurts not just because he turned nothing into something but because he stood for something. He was willing to die for it. In my short life, I’ve noticed that everyone has a solution to the problem. But when you say, “Okay, Let’s Get Started!”. You can hear the crickets. Nipsey was the real deal.

Standing tall on what you believe in is what GOD has called us to do. When you do that you get the love you deserve. It’s a shame this had to happen for us to truly appreciate what he gave us. He shared the blueprint and the mentality it takes for us to change our lives and the lives of those around us.

These are special people who are determined to reinvest into the community that made them by setting an example you can follow. Not just hear. He could have easily set up shop in Beverly Hills.

Knowing that we won’t get to hear another song or see another interview truly saddens me. Seeing someone so close and to see it taken like that shook my soul. It’s going to take a while to get over this if I ever do. Shed some pain water typing this.

My absolute favorite songs in no particular order:

  • Paid My Dues
  • They Know
  • Stucc in the Grind
  • Blueprint
  • Rap Music
  • Down as a Great
  • Mercy
  • Picture Me Rollin
  • The entire Victory Lap
  • The Hussle Way
  • Grindin all My Life
  • Where yo Money At

Those are my absolute favorites. I listen to his whole catalog.

NIP: I didn’t get the chance to break bread with you as I hoped too. I’m truly saddened by this, it feels like I lost a Big Brother. All the wisdom and knowledge you shared endeared you to  everyone. Until I reach the finish line and continue what you started.  The marathon continues.

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