Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

No Care Spend Day

No care spend day? How can we budget to have fun should be the proper question? Often we look to punish ourselves with some unreasonable budget in which every day we struggle to maintain it.  There’s absolutely no need to put yourself down, there’s plenty of people that will do that for you.

Positive self-talk before and after your expense should be written on every receipt. There’s more than one day in the month and there’s more than enough time to turn your financial situation around. But make no mistake about it, it begins today. I tell myself “It begins today” especially after a bad purchase.  I try to remind myself about the next opportunity I’ll have to overcome this challenge. In each scenario, whether you win or lose you can maintain a positive attitude to make positive changes I still struggle with that idea.

Whenever possible, I try to make things a little easier on myself. Making something into a game or a challenge can often inspire you to make a change or even keep trying. A no care spend day can be a day you plan out maybe a month in advance. You can plan it out at any length of time just make sure that what you plan on spending isn’t going to cost you after the no care spend day.

Saving for this day, will help you learn about patience and why the sweetest berry is the hardest to pick.  The best part of this day is that you’ll get a small glimpse into the lives of the wealthy. Instead of one day out of the month of buying what you want, imagine being able to do that every day of your life. I’d imagine that with the wealth we have, buying things would lose its value over time. I’d also imagine that the experience we received would become the real value.

If you find yourself appreciating and placing value on the experience instead of the “money” aspect of a no care spend day, you might discover you are entering into a “value” mindset. What is the value? then What is the price? Believe it or not, it improves your money mindset. Everything you see or touch can’t possibly meet your standards or expectations for a great experience, right?

I should hope not. Thoughts?

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