Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Optimizing your Time

Time, the often overlooked asset we all will have in varying amounts. It is the one equalizing factor in everyone’s life, we all get the same amount of time in the day. We all have 24 hours in the day to accomplish something.

Some people use their time wisely others squander it as if time can be recaptured. Entering in my adult years, was very challenging for me and I can say with absolute certainty that I am blessed to be here. As I laid on my death bed, I remeber thinking that it was about to be over.

Regrets? Maybe so but I begin to realize that although I hit rock bottom, time was the one asset I had available to me. I had to use all the time I had for improvement and with that, I saw no results. It’s easy to question what you are doing when it doesn’t seem to be working. So sometimes the best thing to do is just keep going whether or not you have directions or a sign pointing the way. “Faith” is what I believe it is called.

As long as you are doing the right thing with your time and space, the opportunities and then the blessings will follow.

Optimizing your time means taking advantage of the time you are given. A lot of people are terrible at time management, as I once was. I like most would take any extra time I had to search facebook or instagram or maybe watch television.

I saw little to no progress in my life. What I begin to realize was that I had plenty of time to invest in improving myself. To give you an idea of the time I had available, here is a list:

  • 1 hour commute to and from work equals 2 hours of spare time.
  • Throughout the day, I had about 1 hours’ worth of spare time.
  • 2 hours worth of spare time after eating and preparing for work.

That is about 5 hours per day, you could be filling your time with an audiobook, small book, or learning about investments. It may be hard at first to turn off the music during your commute or pull out your phone to read while waiting at the doctors’ office especially after work but its worth it.

By continuing to learn and improve in your spare time, you will begin to grow and progress at a faster rate while still handling the day to day responsibilities. It’s hard for everyone at first. But if you can continue to make progress in time management, you’ll soon see yourself begin to change. It’s not always possible to get everything done, every day. But by filling your spare time with learning, you can focus on the important tasks and work your way down leaving the rest of the time for studying.

Sound rough? hard? Well, it sure isn’t easy but it is very doable and if you continue on this path, your dreams will become more than just dreams to you.

It won’t be that easy to give up. Focus on optimizing your time by doing all the things in your spare time you’d like to do or be in life and then take it a step further by studying on it.


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