Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Power of Change

If you were to walk down a busy street, I’d guess you see people making their way towards their various destinations in life. Some fully aware of the surroundings, others fully focused on their phones. Often I’m amazed by the small coins I find laying on the sidewalk.

Most people probably walk past the change and if they do see the change, don’t believe it would make much of a difference in their lives. I remember working with a supervisor who would challenge you throughout the day to find more change then he could. He had an eye for finding the change. He would often remark, “I see you walked right past that dime, I guess you don’t need it.”

At first, I thought it was just a dime and I have plenty of them in my pocket. You can always find a dime when you need it. But how often do you think about that dime contributing to you accomplishing your goals. Change usually comes slow at first and takes time to show you its results.

Most people give up without noticing any change and short-stop themselves on the way towards their goals. Looking back, the supervisor could have been enlightening me to the true value of money. He could have been telling me that the true value of money is understanding its worth to the penny.

He also could have been developing my eye for noticing small changes, helpful in my line of work. Whatever his reasoning, I believe that I got the message.

In fact, I picked up a dime today and added it to my collection of dimes at home. I can’t tell how many times that collection of dimes helped to pay a bill or provide me with gas money.

Always appreciate the small changes and improvements because it leads to the big changes and improvesments in the future.


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