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Trade The Journey

Annual Report Summarized


Reports can be completed for most industries. I prefer to complete research with companies I’m somewhat familiar so I have a basis of referral. Reports can be completed to your liking. Standard Reports include:

  • Industry/Sector trend identification
  • Recent Company performance
  • Charts/Graphs illustrating company financials and operating data
  • Company comparison to competitor
  • Ratio Analysis

This report is not meant to be a final measure of the worthiness of an investment. It should be another resource needed to help you make a wise financial decision. Reports are typically between twenty and twenty-five pages depending on the annual report and the detail needed to complete the report.

Eager to Invest but don’t have the time to complete the necessary due diligence to make a sound investment? I can help you with that. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills in reading annual reports and financial statements. In fact, I enjoy reading annual reports and analyzing financial statements.

Depending on the company, the length of completion can vary. However, I try to finish reports in a week.


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