Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Reflections IV

Top of the Morning! It’s official; the masks are off. The unvaccinated will be left to fend for themselves. A lot of people I know have refused vaccination for various reasons. Some don’t trust the government, others want to wait and see, and some think the Coronavirus is a hoax.

I know a couple of people who should give the vaccine a second thought, as they are not in the best condition healthwise. What can you say when they stonewall each rebuttal with, “Whatever” or “I’m not getting the vaccine”?

Well, you can risk alienating a family member or let the issue go. I chose to let it go, but I still think about it. Everything is reopening, people are returning to work, and the economy is steadily improving. The sentiment could be seen by the attendance at your local gym.

Even I returned, albeit with my mask, to work out even though I have workout equipment at home. I guess it’s the need to be around people after a year of seclusion and distance. I still feel as if we haven’t overcome the Coronavirus, and I fear a possible resurgence in the numbers as the virus continues to mutate.


Both businesses and people lost their income and, in some cases, their livelihood. Small businesses were hit hard by the Pandemic.

A couple of lessons:


Always have a second income:

Who saw the Pandemic coming? I surely didn’t. In some of its former reports, the CDC stated that we were vulnerable to a Pandemic, but no one could predict what or when. Without the government stimulus checks, most would have lost their homes and much more.

Over the years, I built a solid savings/investment account that helped me remain solvent. However, I had no second income, so I had to dip into my savings. I am going to change that moving forward.


Stay Healthy:

The Pandemic hit some sections of the United States especially hard. Growing older is out of your control but being healthy isn’t. Take this virus as a warning sign to guard your well-being and health.


Time is of the Essence:

The Pandemic forced nearly all of us to remain at home for long periods. This could have been a suitable time to work on a new project, start a business, or get into shape – all the things you’d said you’d do if you had the time.

Most people languished and emerged from the Pandemic with the same mentality they had entering into the Pandemic. After seeing family members pass on, I know that time is of the essence. Believe me; I’m not trying to be morbid; I’m just speaking of how the years pass quickly.


I, like most, watched the markets trigger a breaker to halt trading. I saw screens full of red and heard about the “falling” markets from each commentator. I watched Boeing sink to $99, but I didn’t buy. It was a good trade, and deep down, I knew it was a good trade.

Granted, Boeing still had the crash of its 747 in the headlines, but Boeing is contracted by the government and provides some revenue to the GDP. I should have taken the trade, but I didn’t. Boeing is now back to half its original price level before the Pandemic

I underestimated the Market, but I also underestimated its participants. I thought it would take a while for the Market to recover, but it didn’t. Within the next year, the Market made new highs.

This past week, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 made new all-time highs.

With the rise of the MeMe trading category, there’s no limit to the future events that might influence market direction.

No one could have foreseen how this Pandemic would change the world. Although everything is returning to normal as far as spending and activities, I wonder how we will ultimately emerge from the Pandemic.

The Pandemic is over in many people’s minds by looking at the crowded restaurants, gyms, and sports events. However, I am more speaking of businesses, the economy, and technology.


Do we need large buildings with a lot of office space? How will supply chains adjust? Are people slowly becoming structurally unemployable as we see the homeless population growing? Will interactions and transactions change? Are businesses moving to capture more of an online presence?


Follow the money flow. Money is always moving to where it is most needed and valued. Money doesn’t sit still, and neither should you.

It seems like I’m always in a bit of a cash crunch. Large unexpected bills seem to arrive at my doorstep when least expected. One thing I can be sure of is that the unexpected happens more than we think.

I consider myself blessed to have a little money set aside to weather storms. With my student loan payments beginning again, I’ll have to be even more spending conscious. One action I’ll never take is to decrease the amount I contribute to my savings account.

As I pay off my credit accounts, I’ll have even more to save in the future.

Grade: C
Reason: Continued Improvement but lacking in budget management.

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