Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Relaxing Trip

Top of the Morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Before the weekend starts, I always feel as if it’s ending too soon.

This post will be concise as I am returning from a short vacation. I spent the weekend visiting family, and I didn’t look at the market action in detail.

I was determined to relax on this short vacation which I rarely do. One of my biggest pet peeves is wasting time. I guess it’s the way I was raised, or maybe it could be regret that I didn’t capitalize on the time I had available in the past.

Whatever the reason, working all the time with few breaks isn’t good for you personally or business-wise. I tell myself that:


It would be best if you had a break to recharge and think about things.


This short vacation allowed me to spend time with family. I wasn’t talking to them while checking charts or studying while everyone else was watching television. I was fully present to enjoy the moments.

This short vacation wasn’t planned; it was a trip on short notice. Since I had little time to save, I brought food from home to save money. The only expense I planned for was sushi from my favorite place.

Gas was my most considerable expense during the trip. Some gas stations posted prices of over $5.00 per gallon. I spent half the money allotted by my budget on gas.

The trip started with a big problem; I could not find a pet hotel for my dog. Since I could not do so, I took my dog with me on the trip. I found a hotel that would allow my dog to stay with me.

It was a new experience for me, having my dog in the hotel room. He didn’t bark or cause a disruption while staying in the hotel, which surprised me. He was well-behaved, which even saying it now seems unbelievable.

During the trip, I spent the majority of the time with my sister and nephew, which was the highlight of the trip. I don’t get to see them much, so anytime spent with them is highly valued. I wish they lived closer, but that’s only a wish.

Since my sister is protective and cautious with her son, being that it’s her first child, we went to very few places in the city. He tends to be in his own world, which can be a problem when outside because he isn’t conscious of the dangers.


It’s fascinating watching him explore the world around him.

We mainly stayed in the hotel watching television and talking. I went to my favorite park in the city and ran an old trail in between the visits. I posted my best time ever and ran close to five miles.

It’s a small city, so there isn’t much to do besides the local movie theater and miniature golf. I went to college in the city but quickly moved out after spending a year trying to find employment.

They have a very high unemployment rate in the city.

I wasn’t alone in leaving, as all of my college peers and mentor left the city as well. It’s an interesting city because it’s really small yet highly diverse.

On my last day, I woke up early and visited the local zoo with my sister. It wasn’t a big zoo, and there weren’t too many animals, but it was great walking and talking with my sister.

I didn’t enjoy seeing some of the animals enclosed in such small spaces. The lions looked miserable, and the male lion kept staring at the antelopes across a small pond separating them. At the same time, the female lion kept circling the entrance to their habitat.

Some of the patrons antagonized the animals. I saw kids mocking a cheetah who kept walking back and forth, looking at the children whose only protection was plexiglass.

There wasn’t much separating the cheetah from visitors except a small fence, water pond, and a small hill.

Before I knew it, it was time to return home. The trip is about four hours each way, so I had plenty of time to listen to audiobooks while traveling. I finished, “Advanced options strategies by Sheldon Natenberg” for the fourth time and will listen to it once more to make sure the material sticks.

All in All, it was a relaxing trip, and now it’s back to business.

Next week, I will resume my weekly market and trade review.

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