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Trade The Journey

Rest Easy, Cousin!

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I hope everyone is in good health and good spirits. This post won’t be covering the traditional subjects I usually write about it. Like most, I’ve heard and seen the cases and deaths rising to record levels. And like most, I didn’t know anyone who had contracted the virus.

I wear my mask everywhere. I even wear my mask when I gather around family members who I don’t see regularly. With that being said, some skepticism still existed because I didn’t know anyone personally who had contacted the virus.

It didn’t seem real, and last week a phone call changed that.

About a week ago, my mother notified me that my cousin had contracted the Coronavirus. No one knows how he exactly contracted the virus, but our best guess is the laborers who worked alongside him were asymptomatic.

Initially, he was sent home after checking into the hospital and later brought back after the test returned positive. His health began to deteriorate rapidly, and he was placed on a ventilator.

He wasn’t responding to the medicine. They gave him doses of remdesivir and the other drugs designed to bring down the fever, but it didn’t work. Later I found out that he had asthma.

In adulthood, some people overcome asthma and use their inhaler sparingly. I had no clue he asthma, and most of the family didn’t know either.


Two days ago, we got the call he had passed away.

Before we could gather the family together and say goodbye, he was gone, and even if we could, he was heavily sedated and barely responsive.

He died in the hospital alone, with neither his friends nor family by his bedside.

He worked most of his life and spent his spare time finding and investing in real estate. He owned property in several states. With his success, he was able to retire early as a millionaire.

We always talked about him because of his accomplishments and generous nature when it came to giving advice. He was an extroverted extrovert and enjoyed sharing his opinion on any topic. The family gathering would be quiet before he showed, and before he left, everyone was laughing and enjoying the conversation.

The downside was he always left the family events and gathering early, needing to complete a business deal or handle an emergency. I, unfortunately, was not able to spend much time with him. But through the conversations and advice, he shared with me, I understand why he was unable to stay long.

Years prior, we talked about what he had accomplished and how he did it. He let me know there would be long days and nights needed to achieve any level of success. To get what he had, sacrifices had to be made was his overall message to me.


How could this be? 

At the time, I was reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and I believed that creating a large source of income would involve positive thinking and energy. I even purchased the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book, and board game. What I missed from the book and the game was the message he was trying to relay to me.  All of the sacrifices he spoke of, like losing friends and loss time spent with family, are apart of the requirement.

Now, I understand the message he was trying to share. This journey of financial freedom required more of you than the average person imagined.

All of your time and resources have to be dedicated to perfecting your craft. Sometimes that means canceling plans with friends or leaving family gatherings earlier than liked. A lot of your friends and families may disapprove of your new entrepreneurial lifestyle.


“Always busy, who do they think they are.”

“They think they’re better than we are.”


If you hear these statements, you’re on the right road, success is a lonely game.

Most people aren’t willing to pay the price for the success and wealth they covet. But he paid, many times over.

He planned to finish building the additions to his dream house that overlooked the long beach pier within the coming years. As surprising as his death is, even more surprising is how unfair life can be.

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think of how unsettling this loss is for me. To work on a dream of yours for years, see the vision come to fruition, and not be able to enjoy it is cold-blooded.

It makes you wonder about life.

As busy as he was, he never hesitated to share information or pick up the phone when I called and that’s what I remember most. 

Please take the virus threat seriously. Some people can bounce back after contracting the virus; others aren’t so lucky.

Rest Easy, Cousin; I will continue to achieve and use the blueprint you set forth. Thank you.


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