Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Rich Habits

The last part of the book is probably the most important and shows the importance of having affirmations. Affirmations are a very important part of successful peoples lives and I can assure you that they have positive self-talk more often than not. They often have a number of sayings they can repeat to themselves when the situation looks challenging or perhaps when they need to maintain an open mindset to complete a particular task. We all use affirmations whether we realize it or not. Here are the I wills this book suggests you should affirm on a consistent basis:

  • I will engage in self-improvement every day- As your knowledge base grows, opportunities begin to present them.
  • I will devote part of each and every day in caring for my health.
  • I will devote each and every day to forming lifelong relationships- Networking, tracking names, birthdays, awards and becoming a relationship builder.
  • I will live each and every day in a state of moderation- Life is a marathon, not a sprint. A moderate mindstate puts family, friends, and colleagues at ease.
  • I will accomplish my daily tasks each and every day. I will adopt a “DO IT NOW” mindset. Procrastination creates problems that require immediate attention.
  • I will engage in rich thinking every day- Self-talk is positive and uplifting. Control your thoughts and your emotions.
  • I will save ten percent of my gross income, every paycheck.
  • I will control my thoughts and emotions each and every day- THINK-EVALUATE-REACT

Thinking– Gives time to understand the situation

Evaluate– Buys more time to determine the correct course of actions.

Reacting– Better chances of a positive outcome because they took time to choose the right reaction.

Everyone has their own ideas and ways of doing things. These are some great affirmations that you can immediately apply to your life. It’s probably best that you take a look at your own life and tailor the “I wills” to what is important to you. I formed my own list of affirmations in which I write down every other day without thinking which I believe helps to guide my thoughts and actions. Affirmations are not at the forefront of your thoughts throughout the day but I can guarantee they help to shape your thoughts.

Most of the affirmations above will require you to begin thinking about your life from a different perspective which seems to be a mix between a proactive and reactive mindset to get started. Its proactive in accomplishing daily tasks, creating a positive mindset and building a balanced life. It’s also a bit reactive when dealing with your thoughts and emotions as well as other people.

One of the affirmations that particularly resonates with me is the “DO IT NOW” mindset that all of us yearn to have and only a few are able to maintain. It’s one affirmation that requires constant work and makes all the affirmations fall into place. To do this, we must consistently slay the dragon “Procrastination”.

“Procrastination increases the risk of forgetting something important or dealing with a critical matter in an emergency setting which risks mistakes and errors.”

Unsuccessful People

  • Fall prey to petty emotions
  • Emotions rule behavior
  • Easily depressed and feel as if they have no control over their lives
  • Ready Fire Aim
  • React before thinking

Bad Habits lead to Bad Behavior which leads to Bad Decisions.  If you recognize some of the traits of unsuccessful people within the list in yourself, don’t be discouraged, its never to late to change.

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