Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Self-Discovery is wealth Discovery

As always, I extend my warmest regards to visitors and members of Better Financial Times.

It’s always a pleasure to share my thoughts and reflections with dedicated money pursuers. My understanding is that wealth can’t provide happiness or self-fulfillment, but it does provide you with the resources to have a better chance of having both.

On this site, we focus on obtaining the resources to make happiness and self-fulfillment a reality — the process instead of the destination.

With this as a guiding philosophy, I treat each day as its own, filled with various challenges unique to that day. I focus on maintaining my money management system for that day only while keeping the future goal in mind.

This past week was about the same as the previous week, no surprises! Last week I experimented with the idea of planning my purchases and potential purchase decisions I might have to make the night before. I envisioned the situation and the feelings that might arise before the purchase.

This strategy doesn’t always prevent the purchase, but it helps. Looking at my banking app, I noticed that monthly expenses were edging higher. The total expense level matched the previous months of reckless spending.


I was worried!


I had one good month out of necessity, and I was back to thoughtless spending or was I? Totaling this month in discretionary spending, I was at close to $200, which isn’t bad for the overall budget.

Some of those expenses were for the benefit of others. I made a decision last week that you may have read. If not, I suggest you visit the previous post about personal investments.


I decided to contribute more of the income I receive to personal, professional, and business growth. Has it helped?


Indeed it has. I’ve been developing some skills that will serve me well throughout my life. The personal investment is a guaranteed return immune to the opinions of others. In the traditional understanding, the value of an investment is bound to fluctuate based mainly on the opinion of others. For the value to increase, that has to be a shift in the demand and decrease in the supply.

There has to be a shift in the demand of people that are willing to take action. A movement of an idea, situation, or an event can cause this. Long-term wise, we expect investments to pay off through the short-term fluctuations.

We can’t be sure. We can never be sure of anything.


We can be sure of one thing. The knowledge you receive from a personal investment will consistently produce returns for the duration of your life. An investment in a magazine can help you reap profits as you apply the knowledge you gain from the article.

In the next weeks, I expect the amount I have to spend on discretionary purchases to fluctuate. For me to place a stop on one of my spending categories that provide happiness has an inherent risk- unhappiness. How much am I willing to risk for the returns of the future?


Self-discovery is wealth discovery. Wealth can take the appearance of whatever we imagine it to be.

It’s health.
It’s Financial Freedom.
It’s a positive outlook.
It’s being and doing what you want.


Some believe they have it now, and some believe others have it. Some think they’ll never have it. Some people dream of it like a unicorn flying through the clouds.

For me, its all of the above and I believe that I have it now. I have to make small financial decisions daily to ensure that the reality of the future is created right now.

The adjustment I’ll make for the upcoming week is to judge each expense (investment) according to its return.


For the past week, I’ll give myself a respectable “B” for balance. This past week I believe that I balanced myself between overspending and extreme frugality.

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