Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Setting the tone!

Adjusting to the season in your life can be daunting. We all face different challenges at each stage of our lives. Situations can seem to arise out of nowhere and blessings can become hard to see.

Regardless of the challenges, we may be facing, one thing we can do is set the tone. We can set the tone for the day, week, month and year that lies ahead. This is hard to do because like our voice we don’t truly realize how we sound or the tone we may have set.

It is my belief that we can see the tone we are setting by the results we are receiving. Are you ending the week on a positive a note? A week full of achievement in your spending goals or sliding back towards your old habits.

The opportunity to set the tone starts before you begin. I use to play an instrument when I was younger and before beginning we checked our tone. Sometimes the piano player may play a single note and you matched the note with your instument.

If the sound was in tune, you set the tone for the music session. I may not be getting the music terminology completely correct but I hope you understand the meaning.

The hardest day to resist spending is when you receive your paycheck or a surprise surplus in cash. But if your planning for a day when you won’t have to depend on the paycheck, you must set the tone.

This is can help to strengthen your commitment to managing your spending between receiving paychecks.

This can be difficult but like the instrument makes adjustments to match the sound of the piano player, you must make an adjustment. I remember checking the instrument, practicing a few other notes and looking at where my fingers were placed.

There’s been times I’ve had to make adjustments after starting out well but that’s a part of the game. Although cruise control is where most people seek to be in regards to money management, its probably not advisied.

A discerning eye can spot problems before they begin and that is why setting the tone, in the beginning, is so important. It keeps you on your toes, watchful for small adjustments that can be made to avoid unwanted large adjustments later.

Very few blessings come without effort. Thoughts? Corrections?

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