Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Short Reflections!

Welcome to Better Financial Times! If this is your first visit, I extend my warmest welcome.

Hopefully, you find the information you encounter to be helpful. Each week I detail my various experiences from the previous week related to personal finance and investing. I discuss and reflect upon both the psychological and behavioral aspects of finance I experienced.

Sometimes I make the right decision, other times I don’t. Instead of dwelling on the mistake, I try to focus on why I thought the mistake was the right decision beforehand.

This site is not about being right or wrong. It is about sharing your financial experiences so that a community of people can offer a critique. A critique that can help all us to inch closer to our goal of Financial Freedom.


Financial Freedom isn’t about the money. I think if you could ask people what truly mattered to them, it wouldn’t be money. For some, maybe it would be.


Financial Freedom too me is about Freedom. The Freedom to do as I please without a boss or job dictating my work schedule. It’s about not worrying about the one thing we all worry about, money. This Freedom I speak for is what most people work for and hope for in their later years, Retirement.

How many retirees would reenter the workforce as a volunteer to resume working in the profession they retired from? Just to be involved in the job that they loved.

My guess would be not many. Not many people wake up on Monday eager to start their work at a job. Of course, I could be wrong, I enjoy where I work at.


But would I do it Free is the question?


When the lottery was created, its beneficiaries must have been excited. A reliable and lucrative revenue stream. Each person plays for an opportunity to reap the benefits of a large reward with no effort.

And I’m sure if you were to ask people, Why do you play the lottery? They’d reply that the risks more than equal the reward. For one or two dollars, you have the chance of winning over a million dollars — not a bad deal.


To be clear, I’m not bashing the lottery or the participants that play. What I am illustrating are the purpose and goal. The purpose of playing is a chance to reach a level of security or freedom most people only dream of. The goal is the opportunity to live your life on your terms while capturing the one asset that’s nonrefundable, TIME!


Time is the real currency that we value. Its shame that so many exchange it for so little!

Financial behavior isn’t all about numbers, profits, or balance sheets. It’s about what you genuinely think about the dollar in your hand.

Is it a resource? Or Is it a burden? What does this dollar mean to you?


To me, it is a resource to be invested so that it can either earn or return. So most of my purchases are made with this idea in mind. I may not be perfect, but I try my best.

I know that although each spending decision may not seem that important, it is. It is a balance of importance between the Freedom possible in the future and the happiness I could experience right now.


I’ve scoured the investment books in my collection for the holy grail — the secret of eternal profits.


Each new system promised unlimited profits with limited risk and limited effort. And of course, you could have it now!

Nothing of such exist. Each time you see the end of the steps ahead, two more appear. The process never ends, the quest to perfect what you do never ends only the details do.


Changing your financial psychology can be a little more complicated than your behavior because its cause and effect can be invisible. So you have to focus on the Financial Freedom ahead and work backward.

Naturally, you will face some resistance. The remedy for this is persistence.

So far, these are my short reflections. Thoughts? Corrections?

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