Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Sticking to It!

Have you ever seen someone doing well, progressing toward their goals and then phase out? Most likely transitioning to something completely new and often times unrelated to their previous endeavors.

I can only speak reliably on my own experiences. I’ve given up more times than I can remember. Patience is a virtue and I missed the meaning of that saying for a long time. The older generations speak of the lack of patience and perseverance in the younger generations in accomplishing their goals. I believe this to be partly true.

More than a generation problem, it is a societal problem. “Everyone wants it right now” is a quote I hear consistently but the issue I believe is deeper than that. Why? Sticking to something means doing the same thing over and over again. Practicing a particular jump shot 500 times or one kick 1,000 times. It involves a type of painful practice. It requires us to do the same thing every day until we are able to do it unconsicously thus attaining mastery.

This type of perseverance requires more of us than the average person is willing to give on a day to day basis. As I continue, to progress in learning and understanding, I see the challenge of remaining dedicated and optimistic to your craft.

Often times, you are working on the basis of faith and the only way that faith can be reinforced is through action. Can you stick to something long enough to master it?

Can you continue to progress regardless of the external situation that may arise from day to day? You will have to sacrifice and in order to receive a return. Are you willing to give up temporary pleasures for long term gains?

Most people aren’t willing to do this. Giving up what they can see and feel for something that hasn’t manifested. Their faith wavers with each passing day, as they sacrifice without success. I’ve discovered that this is a natural part of the process, this feeling. Sometimes, the only thing that helps me to continue is the thought of what I want the future to hold for me.

But to be truthful, sometimes it looks dim and the only thing that motivates me is the words “You can think what you want, just don’t stop”.

Along the way, you will see encouraging messages, signs, and ideas to help you continue as well. Just don’t stop and like the gorilla glue- Stick to IT.


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