Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Swimming in the sea of dedication!

Greetings to All! Hopefully, this post reaches you in a spirit of good faith and inspires you towards an insightful reflection. If my blog accomplishes nothing else, I hope that it encourages you to reflect.


When I reflect,  I critique my actions and how they will affect what the future holds. I think of the failed businesses and my many attempts at get rich quick schemes. I’d read the blogs and try to implement what I read for a quick profit.

Never worked. 

How long will I be able to commit to the strenuous requirement of trading?

Will I be able to continue saving?

Each time I put my wallet back in my pocket, it seems like I’m pulling it back out. Sometimes I slip and purchase things I shouldn’t. In other instances, I knowingly go over my budget.

At times it’s hard to see the moves your making unless you take time to reflect. Reflecting can encourage you to make changes and develop the courage to continue towards your goal.


Upon beginning my journey towards financial freedom, I thought the road was clear.


By clear, I mean the obstacles were on the side of the road not impeding my progress. Seeing the obstacle in the way, I’d stop and stare.

I’d wonder why the obstacle was in the way of my progression. Why did I make this mistake? How could someone be that inconsiderate and not think about how this would affect me?

The challenges and the obstacles kept reemerging, and once again, I was in the same delibating thought process. I was asking questions that started with “Why” and explanations that began with a noun. A person, place, or thing that caused the situation to occur.

So many things happened each day that I couldn’t get away from it. I couldn’t get away from life and everything it brought to me.


How was I supposed to arise from my current situation with these continuous roadblocks emerging?


Some of the roadblocks look permanent. Looking at the adults around me, I feel this gravitational pull to accept this as life.

Then it hit me.

Dedication is what you give to your craft in spite of the challenges life throws at you.

Dedication is your strategy and saving grace.

The energy and gods of this earth respect dedication as the eternal elixir of greatness.


Think about it; dedication cost nothing in terms of money, and it doesn’t have a place on the bookshelf. Dedication requires everything of you. Dedication does not care if your tired, upset, sad, or angry. It doesn’t even respect your appearance.

For dedication to not drown you, you have to keep moving.
Each day is a test, and no two days are alike.


If this is your first time visiting my blog, you may be wondering why I’m not writing about 101 ways to save your money.

The reason you won’t find any of that bullshit on this site is that it isn’t necessary to know. Sure there are some new things you can learn or tricks you can apply.

There’s plenty of information everywhere you turn.


The real question is, how long can you avoid eating out to save enough to buy a house?

How long can you save to fund a trading account when there’s a 90% chance you may lose it all?


The dedication in apply the trading strategy you created or enforce the budget for this upcoming week is more important because it’s real.

Whether or not you save the money is an action you decide to take or not take. It has nothing to do with 101 ways to save money.

With all that being said, this past week was good for me.

I’ve been making eating at home almost as pleasant as eating out. Luckily, I enjoy cooking, so I make my best effort to duplicate the dishes I like. Most of the time, its an epic fail, but sometimes the meals turn out quite well.

I made a couple of lousy purchases, but in all, I was able to save a bulk of my income. Now with my savings account nearing the status of a powerful ally, I can take down the ruthless credit collectors whom I owe.

So this is where I’m at with my progression. Paying off what I owe, increasing with I earn through interest/return and creating new ways of earning more.


This past week deserves the grade of a “C” Continued effort but there was a lack of new capital entering this last week.

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