Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

The ART of Spending: pt2. !

I thought of this post while driving to the nearest convenience store to purchase a pack of gummy bears.

With a revival in my cash flow inflow, I reasoned that I could loosen my spending restraints.

Gummies Bears can vary in price, but they’re usually no more than a few dollars. To me, this was a necessary purchase. Gummy Bears are a rewarding purchase too me.

Some people like Gucci
Some people like to drive expensive cars
Me, I enjoy gummy bears

After a long day of restraint, at the end of the night, I like to relax. This relaxation period is a time for reflection that is sorely needed. So with the progress, gummy bears seemed like a splurge purchase any accountant would approve of.

Every successful budget creator emphasizes the importance of setting aside money for entertainment and fun. Reviewing my past purchases from the previous months, I had little to spend on entertainment and fun. Most of the money I earned went straight to bills.

My mindset has always been to attempt to save ninety percent of my income.


Have I been successful? No, I’ve come close to the goal, but its never reached. My spending drastically decreases in the months in which my income dwindled. When my income increases, rarely am I able to uphold the same spending restraints as when my income is low. This is quite common, right?

When my income is small, I have two choices when splurging, either use my credit card or dip into my savings. If you have some leisure time, check out my previous posts detailing the snowball effect.

Once you dip into your savings once, it’s hard to keep from dipping into the savings account a second time.


If you ever wonder why some people are never able to save any money, now you know why. The money in their savings account isn’t truly for an emergency or to cover a cash-flow shortage.

Its money for a just-in-case situation or purchase. Often we spend a little more when we know we have just-in-case money. I can understand because of the illusion of time and how seldom real emergencies occur.

I spend for many reasons. Some recognizable, others not so much. Sometimes I have genuinely think about why I spent money to uncover the reason I spent the money.

There is an art to spending just like there’s an art to being rich and art to being broke.


Art –

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination is what stands out to me. Spending can be more than the exchange of a widely accepted and valued currency.

Spending is an expression of ourselves. What we spend our money on tells us who we are. We spend money on what we value, whether its long-term value or the value of the moment.

Art involves creativity, and creativity is expressed through an appearance. Our bank account is the canvas in which we display our expression.

As I snapped back to reality, I decided to hold off on the purchase and eat the gummi bears I had purchased at the wholesale market a month earlier.


Why was I purchasing the gummy bears of the moment instead of the gummy bears I bought a month early?

I had to have valued the long-term value of the gummy bears I brought, or I would not have brought them.


The gummy bears of the moment represented a break in the routine — an excitement in breaking the rules of my spending plan. I was able to live freely, even if it was just a minimum purchase and for momentary pleasure.

Once I opened the bag later that night, would I feel the same excitement about the gummy bears?

Maybe or Maybe not.

What about a couple of days from now, when I’m short on a purchase by the same amount? Or the accumulation of these small purchases could have been used to fill my gas tank instead.

If you think about spending along these lines, suddenly every expense becomes essential.

My message is to reflect on your continual thoughts and how it relates to the purchases you are making.


This past week, I had to reflect on why I had loosened my usual spending restraints. I concluded that I had hit an emotional slump. The rigors of the pursuit of trading and income generation had taken its toll on me.

So I reasoned the remedy might be finding new stress-relieving hobbies. It’s okay to take a break when you feel you need it. This might help alleviate the release in stress and momentary joy I find in breaking my spending rules.

I want to give myself a “D” for this past week for some improvement. Now since I have uncovered the roots of spending for this past week. Procrastinated on completing the budget, will complete this week.


Questions? Concerns? Corrections?

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