Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

The Commute

Stuck in traffic on the way to work and on the way home? Add a audio book to your commute.

A couple of years ago I switched jobs and as a result have a longer commute to and from work. Often I would listen to music or maybe daydream while I sat in bumper to bumper traffic. It takes one hour to get to work and close to an hour & a half to get home.

Why not fill some of that time with a audiobook?

There are subscriptions like Scribd that allow you to pay monthly to stream an unlimited amount of audiobooks. There are others that require to pay a monthly fee for 1 credit towards an audiobook of your choice. That credit is distributed monthly while you are a member.

I would advise checking out some of the options available. For Instance, Amazons’ Audible allows you to pay monthly for 1 credit that could be used to purchase an audibook. You also recieve a discount toward other books in their library.

I have a membership at both Scribd and Audible. While scribd has some decent books on investing/trading, Audible has a wider selection of books pertaining to my interest. So its up too you!

These are just a few choices available to you. I was able to finish close to twelve books in the last year. This is in addtitoin to the books I read at home. Even if I’m not able to read at home, I know I’ve done a good amount of learning during my commute.

Books I have completed:

  • Accounting for Dummies
  • The Intelligent Investor
  • Thinking in Bets
  • Getting Started in Options
  • Rules for Investment Success
  • Money: The Unauthorized Biography
  • Trading in the Zone
  • Peter Lynch: Learning to Earn
  • Trading for a Living
  • Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Book of Investing Wisdom

I have included links to both Scribd and Audible above. Audible currently has a deal where they are giving two credits for joining. I know for sure that you receive one credit for completing a trial membership.

Thoughts? What are some of your favorite audiobooks?

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