Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

The Hidden Expense of Monotonomy!

Call the reason for reckless spending anything you want!

Nothing is going on.

The phone isn’t ringing detailing the festivities for the night.

The only activity planned for the night is the type of work most people shun.

The work is repetitive, and the progress unobservable to the untrained eye.

This laboratory is where the scientist conducts experiments based on their hypothesis. The scientist labors all night to prove their hypothesis to be accurate by tweaking different parts of the thesis based on what they have tested.

Show and Prove.

The hypothesis: Transforming one resource (Time) into another resource (Money) requires skills and knowledge. I believe I can leverage one resource (Time) to create more of another resource (Money) through creativity while acquiring the skills and knowledge to earn a full-time income from trading.

As a verb, leverage is defined as using (Something) to maximum advantage.

Leveraging my time means using it to its maximum advantage, which automatically cancels another activity. Although pursuing mastery of your craft or passion can be exciting, it can also create monotony.

Monomoy wreaks havoc on your wallet and bottom line. Often I purchase as the result of being in what I feel is a slump. Back and forth between beginner and intermediate is where I reside. There isn’t enough time to be everyone’s friend and well-wisher when you are focused.


How can I alleviate the repetitive nature of practice?

The resources at my disposal can help make this happen. I could splurge, hang out with friends, or go on a date. There are many activities I could participate in.

Pursuing this goal of becoming a Master Trader takes a lot of patience, studying, and testing. The changing bars and prices flashing across the screen can be entertaining to a point. Looking over the financial statements and analyzing the price action isn’t always fun.

I need an experience to help with this boredom. The problem with this action is the costs you may or may not see. Our two most valuable resources are money and time. One can be restored; the other once passed is gone forever.


I value what I spend my time doing.


Get to a level where practice becomes painful. Don’t believe the people on television, doing what you love comes with pain and sacrifice. You will pay for the experience and ultimately find joy in the suffering.

Think about it. Most of us dream of doing what we love.

Creativity has become a crutch by learning to think about practice as a form of meditation. The pain is part of the mediation. Why meditate on Money/Trading, isn’t that blasphemous?

Meditating on the movement of money is about meditating on the movement of value. We are willing to part with both of our resources when we see something of value. We, as a people, move markets with the perception of value.


Value is what Warren Buffett understands intimately through investing in businesses in the form of stocks.

The flow of capital can build resources and change the future of an economy. When you have time, think about what you value?

Think about what you are willing to exchange for the experience. Often it’s your money and time, two resources we unknowingly guard with our lives. Well, those resources are valued by some and by others wasted.


Where am I going with this?

Nowhere, I’m just creating something to alleviate the boredom.

Thoughts? Questions? Corrections and Concerns?

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