Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Perfect Timing vs The Perfect Time!

Does this sound familiar? I’m waiting for the perfect time to get started.


Well, maybe not those exact words “Perfect Time” but the description of a perfect time to get started. I’ve heard some scenarios that were likely to change and some that would never change. Since the perfect person or perfect time doesn’t exist, we end up waiting and receiving what we didn’t bargain for.

We receive a life that seems somewhat unfulfilled.

There are areas of my life where I have still yet to realize perfection does not exist.

In my life, I have been through periods of self-doubt. I’d dream about what I was going to do in the future and what I needed to get started. I waited for a situation in which all the stars would align, and a light would shine illuminating the right path to take.


“Things will fall into place, I know it.”


In reflection, I can see that’s an illusion. It’s the same illusion that faces all beginning traders. The illusion that with the click of a mouse riches could be built in a matter of seconds.

The reality of that situation upon many others is that the path to achievement is fraught with many challenges and inconveniences. Most people want to glide into the fast track towards success and profits.

It can’t be that hard looking at some of the successful people that hold the top spots. However, when we attempt, we see just how hard it is to perfect a shot, a trade, a career, etc.

You’ve heard it before:

It takes discipline, patience, sacrifice, and a consistent work ethic to attain your goals.


The reality of the predicament is that although goals/ happiness is attainable, most people aren’t willing to commit themselves for the long haul to achieve the very thing they long for.

I question my commit at times when the outlook for success is beyond my sight. This is why I try to execute one day at a time.

I don’t have to worry about the future if I can be successful today. Today I need to maintain the dedication and complete the work necessary to be successful tomorrow.


How dedicated are you to what you believe in?

Is the goal more important than the setback, challenge, or situation you are currently facing?

Is comfort more important?


The reality of that forecast that “things will work out” is true, but to what degree.

How true do you want that statement to be?


True, according to what you envisioned yourself accomplishing or true according to what you have settled for?

I’m not advocating that you make this decision at once and commit to beginning your journey at an unsustainable pace.

What I am saying is, this is a question you will have to reask yourself continually while you are on your journey.

I’ll leave you with a final thought. In your later years, will you remember the excuses you created or the experience that you never enjoyed?

This week in review:


Over the past week, I was able to create a bottom to the drop in my cash-flow. Now, I am focused on paying off debt and repositioning myself by saving.

I’m trying to return to the proper mind frame for money management, which is frugality and creativity. For a bit of time, the cash kept slipping through my fingers like sand.

Lax spending and a cloudy forecast made it hard for me to foresee how quickly your monetary advantages could change. I thought that the next purchase was the time to cease the unnecessary spending.


It never happened because I kept procrastinating.


I’m not sure I am out of the woods yet, but I am taking the proper steps.

This past week I’d give myself a grade of a “C” for some improvement. This upcoming week will be challenging because of the available deals on black Friday.


I look forward to next week’s update.

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