Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

The Power of Consistency!

It’s no secret that I enjoy working out.

In the later months of each year, you witness a cycle at each gym — the dwindling of the casual gymgoers. One by One, they find other things and activities to focus on. It could be a multitude of things holding back the casual.

Maybe they just needed a little assistance or guidance from a professional to help them quickly achieve their weight loss goals. Or perhaps they were too tired working overtime to go to the gym and lost their rhythm. Often, I don’t feel like going to the gym after working all day, so I relate to the struggle.

Once your rhythm is disturbed, it can be hard to find the energy to establish it again.

However, I know that if you miss one day, you could lose two. Ten months later, you’re sitting on the couch, attempting to convince yourself to go back to the gym.

It’s best to enjoy the process rather than seeking an outcome per se. The achievement of a goal only happens once, but the process is ongoing.

I enjoy the process involved in achieving your goals, and usually, I skip out on the celebration. At first, I thought this to be a little strange.


Shouldn’t I be celebrating?

Two days ago, I received an e-mail notifying me that I passed a job entrance exam.

I felt relieved and excited at the same time. The test was on a Thursday, and on the very next day, I had a final for a certificate program. This final marked the end of the program and your final grade for the semester. I passed the entrance exam and the final.

When I received the e-mail, I paused, reflected, and then told my family of the news. After the excitement waned and my family passed their congratulatory comments to me, I sat back down at my computer. What shall I do now?

A significant amount of my time was tied to completing the Certification Program. Three years to be exact.

I got back to work.

When I had no consistency in my life, I had nothing to depend on when things got rough or when things slowed down. Consistently working and having something to work on can help you discover qualities about yourself you never knew existed.

Soon the consistency encourages more consistency.

Some like to celebrate and raise their champagne glasses to signify the completion of a journey. I felt that feeling, but I know that feeling is fleeting. Life moves on, and then its “What have you proven to me lately?”

My feeling of achievement comes from looking at the dedication I put forth in the beginning. In the last three years, I have not taken a day off in learning.

When I feel discouraged and need inspiration, I look at my finance journals from years ago. Seeing the charts and notes I took inspires me because I had no idea what I was doing.

I try not to think of the ultimate destination but the small steps that must be taken each day to reach my destination. Many nights, I wondered if I ever would understand how options worked.

Every time I thought about quitting, I thought about the future. In fifty years would the hours spent be worth the result lived?

I haven’t received an answer.

As I thumb through my journal, I noticed the ascending triangle I drew as one of the possible patterns indicating bullishness. Imagine my delight when I saw the pattern forming during a trading day!

As much as I believe that a financial blog should only be about finance, trading, and investing is anything but just finance. Everyone has access to the numbers, some have earlier access than others.

Critical thinking and a holistic approach can yield the results you are seeking. When you learn more about the markets, it’s about all the variables that don’t have numbers attached to them, that often matter most.

When I became a professional trader, I committed myself to completing the research and risk evaluation needed to give myself the best opportunity to earn a profit.


You’re holding a stock in your portfolio in which the sector is affected by global demand. Suddenly, an illness arises in which the symptoms are hard to detect, and the outcome/remedy hard to predict. A week later you finally get around to checking your portfolio and notice a drop in the stock’s value which profoundly affects your portfolio

Is this a problem of consistency? Maybe not, but maybe it is. With a commitment to checking your portfolio or the news each day, perhaps you would have spotted the stock’s decline before it affected your portfolio.

If you are choosing to trade/invest actively you must maintain consistency. You won’t last long if you don’t.

You have to be consistent in these areas:

  • Risk/Opportunity Assessor
  • Observer
  • Researcher and News observer
  • Ability to cut your losses.
  • Learner
  • Keeping journal up to date.

You don’t need to be consistent to be successful. Winning the lottery and the jackpot at your local casino proves this to be so.

Longevity, the true measure of success, is only achieved through consistency.

This past week’s grade deserves a “B” for follow-through. I canceled most of the accounts I found to be unnecessary. I’m paying down my credit account and eating at home on a regular basis.

Questions? Concerns? Corrections?

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