Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

The Science of Money

“Money management is learning how to control the flow of money. You do this by controlling your thinking and behavior patterns and by controlling the influence other people have over you. Once you are in control, you are free of the power money can have over you. You are ready to use your control to develop successful management strategies.” Think Rich (H. Stanley Judd)


What I gleaned from this quote is the ability of the individual to control what they think and what they do absent of the input of others. This book threw me for a loop because it centered more on you and what you think about yourself more so than money. Although, it covers money in detail. It advocates that money is a direct relation to what you think or to state differently who you are as a person. The first couple of chapters are designed to encourage self-analysis.

It may work for some but the usual diet plan, money plan and whatever plan they write in a book for all to follow simply does not work most times. Each of us has specific experiences that can’t be duplicated and personality types that make us one of a kind.  Learning how to see what you do and analyze what you do takes a bit of patience and effort but it is well worth it. You will begin to see what truly works for you. By doing this you’ll have a better chance of succeeding in mastering a cash flow management system that works for you.

Controlling your cash flow isn’t as easy as those books have us to believe. In the previous post, we covered what we valued and how that translates to the needs we view. When we control our needs, we control our expenses and money becomes more valuable to us because of what it can do. Becoming free of money means that we are able to control how it is spent, invested and ultimately returned. We get to do it our way. When we do things someone else’s way or follow a plan meant for the masses, we become influenced by others and when we do this we get away from ourselves.

Our purchases and expenses cease to be our own but mostly influenced by others. The marketers, the advertiser, friends, and family become the spenders of our money through their influence instead of ourselves. “You have to try this”, “If you wear this”, “Why are you such a cheapskate”, and my personal favorite, “You only live once, just enjoy it.” You only live once is a true statement but I think most think that the money equals the experience, so you have to spend it. Money can provide you with many things and experiences but is ultimately what you think about the experience or thing that provides you with happiness.

Once you are free of a mindset influenced by others, you are able to make decisions that further advance your position in your bank account and in your life. Your strategies for money management will be efficient and effective because it is based on the reality of where you are and you now have strategies that have the best chances of helping you win.

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