Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

This is Why I save!

The busy streets of Los Angeles paint a grim view of future traffic complications. About five years ago, you could arrive at your destination within a reasonable time.

Now it may take close to an hour to reach the same destination.

I try to leave much earlier than planned and there’s still traffic. There really shouldn’t be traffic jams at 5:30 am or 11:00 am on a Saturday, but there is.

And I digress.

I can understand why everyone wants to live in Los Angeles. There’s plenty of things to do, and the weather is always within the range of seventy to eighty degrees.


Saving money is a challenge for anyone living in today’s society. There’s always some new product or service that will make your life a bit easier.


Driving to work there are plenty of advertisements attempting to influence your lunchtime decisions. Do I eat out or eat the lunch I prepared?

I employ my best efforts in resisting the temptation. This has helped me build a savings account that can support me in case of an emergency. It always seems that an emergency occurs at the right time – meaning I have money in my savings account to cover the crisis.

From most people, an emergency occurs at the worst possible time because in most cases they are strapped for cash. I’ve been there.


Driving down a busy street, I make my exit off of the freeway. This is a busy intersection, so I have to be patient and attentive. I’m driving beneath the underpass and all of a sudden the brake lights flashed in front of me.

I didn’t have time to stop. No tires screeched, the just sound of two cars colliding. The collision happened so fast; I didn’t have time to react.

Luckily, it wasn’t a major accident but a fender bender.

Just like that, I’m looking at an expense in getting my car fixed and an increase in the premium I pay monthly. The good driver discount I worked so hard to earn will likely be gone.

When you make an effort to stay off the phone, drive the speed limit, and remain calm with overanxious drivers – it hurts how fast things can change. A split second is all that it takes.


I won’t bore you with the details but needless to say I was crushed.


The car can be fixed, but what about the positive momentum I created?

Luckily, I’ve been saving for a couple of months and have enough to make the repairs. I can’t explain how comforting it has been, knowing I don’t have to use a credit card. From experience, I have learned the importance of saving before you spend a dime of your income with the bill collector or the “impulse pleasure” providers of the world.

Marketers have mastered the psychology of advertising. Their goal is to perform magic by creating a strong urge within us to spend and part with our resources without you noticing.

It took me a while to save the money, but I am glad I did. You never know when the next crisis will arrive.

Things could be going well, and in a split-second, everything changes.

The gravity of the situation is still filtering its way into my awareness. However, I did make some positive moves.

I contacted a lawyer, whom I’ll be able to lean on for advice before responding to the adjuster. I documented the situation and the first contact I made with my insurance company. I also finished my tasks for the day, which included exercising and completing my homework.


It’s tough to remain vigilant in accomplishing your goals for the day facing a significant setback. I try to take each day as its own and do the best I can.

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