Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Three Years Later!

After reaching a significant milestone, I figured that I had earned a day of leisure — plenty of relaxation and alleviation of any frustration through peaceful meditation.


I decided to stay up late after watching the UFC fight. The results were less than pleasing, as I thought Jon Jones lost his first fight. The boos rang out as he attempted to explain why he was victorious in the after fight interview.

From the Owners’ perspective, Jon Jones losing isn’t a good proposal for the long-term Revenue streams the UFC planned. Jon Jones is worth of millions of dollars in advertising and products. His name alone sells tickets.

The opponent was relatively unknown. No one expected Dominick Reyes, who was less than thirteen fights in, to compete as well as he did. He challenged Jon Jones. Either Jon Jones is slowing down, or the opponents are now more skilled than ever.

Seeing the UFC evolve as it has, has been remarkable.

Either way, Jon Jones’s reign may be in jeopardy.

But I digress. Its 6:30 am and I’m back grinding. So much for the day of leisure. Why can’t I relax?

This is who I am.


In 2016-17, I began my journey while sitting on a milk crate, awaiting the next order to take at a grocery delivery service. I downloaded multiple books to read during the downtimes at work on debt analysis, options, and stock valuation.

Between the orders, there could be between 10-30 minutes of sitting or standing around. Most of the employees searched the net or interacted with their social media accounts to bypass time.

I like them spent most of the downtime on my phone but for different reasons. My goal was to enrich myself quickly, and I was intent on doing it on a grocery bag person’s salary. How foolish did that sound?

Saving five dollars a week was about all I could afford to save. I had no clue what I was doing with the money I earned. The books I had downloaded were nothing but gibberish, and I saw no explanation detailing how you would obtain riches.


Finally, I found books that were on my level of financial understanding, “How to make a million dollars trading stocks.” I read books with this type of title for about a year.

Seldomly did I make it through the entire book. Each page I read, I had to stop and look up the terms used in the book.

Many times I felt discouraged because of the lack of progress. Five-dollars a week, are you kidding me?

Most would scoff at the idea of even saving five dollars. But soon that five dollars would become ten and then twenty. Sill not much, right?

Wrong. Saving the money encouraged me to find places where it could multiply. Never in a million years did I think I’d see the ten dollars I contributed weekly double and triple years later.

Soon, I didn’t have to look up terms while reading financial and economic books. Now I read books about debt analysis and economic papers written by Federal Reserve members.

So three years later, what has changed?


To be honest, not much. The whole process of trading and investing feels natural now. Meaning that as I watch the game or the fight, I research companies and listen to seminars on the subject of finance. Some may say that sounds obsessive, do you tire of continually working?

I must admit that at times research and paper trading can be repetitive. However, I genuinely enjoy researching companies and trading stocks. What keeps me interested in this profitable puzzle is my lack of success in consistently predicting the success of a stock I have chosen.

Every traders/investor’s dream is to develop a system that consistently picks winners: an amateurs dream and experienced traders delight. Nothing of the sorts exist and never will.

When I truly understood that I could cut my losses at any time, it changed the way I thought about trading. It sounds foolish now, but as a beginner, I thought investing/trading your money meant that you could lose it all with the wrong selection.

Just cut your losses and move on


This week in review:

Picture me a little stressed and uncomfortable as I await the next paycheck. So as you can see, I have been struggling. I have some explanations that may help to explain the situation I am in currently.

Unfortunately, I neither have the time or space to list them. For the past week, I’d give myself an “F.”

I’m continuing to either or delete some of the memberships that I neither use or like. I am anticipating a rebound in my savings within the next two months.


Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?

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