Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Time Value of Money

Are you aware that your money enjoys a stable place to dwell and grow? It doesn’t mind working for you and it prefers steady work as opposed to no work. In fact, if your money has no work it soon leaves. If you are not careful there are many opportunities money sees to make itself useful. There’s that emergency it needs to attend to and perhaps it sees that you’d like that new video game. Its eager to please and is eager to make friends. Which is one of the reasons it’s so coveted?

There is a drawback to money. Because of its fluid nature and its ability to shape shift, the idea of it can cause you and others around you to transform. It can become your dreams, it can become your fantasy, it can change your mind and your heart, your status and become your worst nightmare. Does money have loyalty? Hard to say, It will switch to another holder in a matter of seconds, especially if you don’t value it. It has no problem leaving you to be with someone else and if the other person knows what do with it, you’ll probably won’t see it again. You’ll have to wait until it comes around again. It almost certainly will but there’s a catch, it remembers who you are. And if you have not changed, it will not change its ways and will leave as soon as it gets the chance. But there’s no need to worry, it always comes on payday to visit with you and then there are the surprise visits it makes. But it never seems to stay.

Most people might be wondering why I would write about money in such a way. Money is not a person. But I beg to differ, Money is you and until you see it as a resource instead of the enemy, you will never be successful in managing it. Money and more importantly the way you think about it is a reflection of you. Money, since the beginning of time, has been a social technology and is not the object we think of it as, which is why most people don’t respect its power.

It provides an idea of value, is able to be carried on long distances, can be used to earn more and is constantly moving around the world in different forms. It has a value that we assess to it and in most times the value attached to it is growing or declining depending on the government, society and the technology controlling it, which the new digital money technology seeks to uproot.

The idea that a dollar saved today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow is because of the idea of interest and compounded interest. It can earn a return because someone needs it to build a building, buy a house or pay for their college education. We can also lend it to ourselves by placing it in a bond, savings account or money market account to earn interest until we are ready to spend it.

I guess the thing to remember is that money has a million things it could be doing like helping people around the world, contributing to the next technology the could change the world or helping to send someone to college.  What I hoped is being transferred through this blog is that money is just as much as an idea as it is a physical thing. Why should it stay with you? Do you have a plan for money so that you can live the life you envisioned?

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