Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

True to the Game: Rip to a LA Legend!

As I was preparing to write a blog post, a text from my sister appeared on the screen.

“Kobe Bryant Died.”

When I first looked at the screen, I thought it to be a senseless rumor being passed around. It probably stemmed from Twitter Universe.

So I did a google search and sad to say it was true. How could this have happened? Not Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant was and is an icon known around the world for being a fierce competitor and prolific scorer. He is loved in Los Angeles, even if you aren’t a laker fan.

When he played, he garnered comparison to Micheal Jordan. I grew up watching Kobe Bryant, although I wasn’t a laker fan. I remember when he first started playing for the Los Angeles Lakers after being traded on draft day by the 76ers.

Drafted out of high school, he was one of the last of his generation to be selected from high school. He had potential, but no one thought he would be one of the greatest to play at least not yet. Well, I take that back, Jerry West saw his greatness and made the trade to back his belief. Almost all of the NBA Players have the potential to be great, yet few make an impression on the world.


When you think of basketball, only a few names cross the color, social and economic status line, and Kobe Bryant was one of them.

I was in Los Angeles when he played his last game, and you would have thought the lakers were competing for a title. People were lining the streets to celebrate his final game as Los Angeles Laker.

In his last game, he scored 60 points and willed his team to a win. Watching the game outside of a bar, huddled among the crowd, is an experience I will never forget.

He was known for his mamba mentality — a relentless and fearless attitude in attaining your goals. His work ethic was unmatched, and he played the game with a passion that matched his love for the game.

Few people reach the top of their profession, career, or life, and even fewer people can remain at the top. Not many have the determination and belief to live out the expectation of greatness they see within. Because celebrities and people of notoriety represent so much to us as fans, we often forget that they are regular people with families.


His family is in my prayers, especially his wife and daughters.

One final thought, I’d like to share is the giving of yourself to a game. Your game could be basketball, finance, education, computers, etc. Whatever game you decide to give yourself too, make sure you dedicate your life and being to it.

Master your game so you can truly play the game. The game will reward you with its highest honor:


When it’s all said and done, the world will honor you for it. Rest in Peace to a Los Angeles Legend that played the game and mastered the game.

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