Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey


Top of the Morning! This post will be shorter than usual and off-topic. This past week I visited my sister, who lives close to five hours away. I took off from work to make it possible to stay for an extended period of time.

Usually, I make the trip six to eight times a year, but due to Covid, I haven’t seen her in close to a year. It’s been a challenging year, and I fear that Covid may be here to stay.

My sister and I went to the same college and even lived together for a year and a half. Growing up, I typically avoided my sister, but as I grew older, we got closer. I believe that’s typical for most sibling relationships.

I had hoped this trip would also allow me to relax. I needed the rest. However, the trip didn’t turn out as planned. Most of the trip involved a lot of driving. I drove back and forth between two distant cities, shuttling my mother from city to city.

I was happy to do so as the distance was long and my car had less mileage.  I spent close to eight hours driving each day between where we stayed and the city my mother traveled to meet her childhood friend.

My mother’s sisters’ friend owned a house in the mountains.

This city was no ordinary city, as it was high in the mountains. The route to arrive in the city involved winding roads as you traveled through the mountain. There were deer crossing signs, and to the right and left of the road were deers watching the cars pass.

The mountain city was at an elevation higher than 2000 feet.

I have to admit driving up this winding road was petrifying, as there were no barriers on the side of the road. With each turn, you had to decrease your speed to around twenty miles per hour. I kept hoping that my car didn’t have a manufacturer’s defect that caused it to lose control or accelerate without pushing the pedal.

If you looked down from the road, all you would see were trees and nothing to prevent your car from stopping.

Once I made it to the mountain city, I breathed a sigh of relief.

We arrived at the house my mother’s friend was staying in, and it was a beautiful house. It was eerily quiet, especially for someone used to the city noise, and the homes were separated by mountain terrain.

I traveled back and forth up the mountain twice but seeing the lakes, the view, and the wilderness was worth it.

All in all, it was a nice trip.

I didn’t study any financial material and only checked the market at the end of the day as I usually did.

Arriving back home, I felt exhausted.

The real reason I made the trip was to spend time with my sister and nephew. She and her husband have elected to forego vaccination. Covid can be deadly, although the percentage is low and the lingering side effects of the Virus range from kidney problems to memory fog.

With health ailments, your chances of hospitalization significantly increase. Unfortunately, you don’t know how your body will respond to the virus.

I pray that she changes her mind because if she elects never to become vaccinated, she will forever be susceptible to contracting the virus.

As the virus mutates, it is becoming more transmissible. I support her decision and the freedom she is allowed to make her decision although I worry that the decision is not a good one.

I have experienced my fair share of bad experiences from bad decisions; I know how painful regret can be. Nothing’s worse than laying on the hospital bed repeating to yourself, “I wished I would have listened.”

Past week Cash-Flow:

This past week is only the beginning of a cash crunch. I decided to visit my sister, knowing it would set me back financially, but I had to make the trip.

I ate out most of the trip.

Grade: C
Reason: I could have made sandwiches or purchases microwaveable food like I usually do when making a trip.

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