Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekend Warriors sometimes fall on their Swords!

I truly believe everyone has good intentions when making a decision, but whether those intentions benefit both sides is up for debate.


I can’t say what hurts more, making costly mistakes or realizing that despite your best efforts, there isn’t always a happy ending.

Now that my feelings are out in the open, its time to discuss the mistake.


Dropped my phone and now it’s gone.

Whew, what a story! That pretty much sums up the situation.


Ten years ago, that may have been the end of the story. However, with today’s technology, the story continues.

With my google account, I was able to locate and lock the phone remotely. The phone’s location appeared in the local area. Now that my phone was locked, I had to make a decision.

Believing that I left the phone at the park, I know there to be some questionable people that play basketball there. Skin color is irrelevant because we all feature the same tone.


My first thought:

Confront the person that lived at that house to retrieve my phone. That could turn out to be a dangerous mission.

My second thought:

Erase the phone and be done with it. Since my mom had an older phone, I decided to use that phone.


Even though I was able to upload my old information and apps to the newer phone, I’m still bothered by the experience. This lapse in awareness has happened before. not much time has transpired since my last error, the car accident.

I felt upset and eager to confront the person who decided that it would be in their best interest to not return the phone to security.


Pride comes before the fall.

Even if the person knew who I was, is it their fault I wasn’t paying attention and dropped my phone?

Is it their fault they saw an opportunity to keep a nice phone?

Do they know that I know where they live?

What if I needed that phone and was down on my luck?

The situation could have ended badly for both of us.


I’m not worried, but yet I am. These are costly errors that could uproot the financial growth I have worked so hard to cultivate. One thought that continues to haunt me is that at any time, anything could happen.

Good or Bad!

But what’s the alternative reality? That nothing wrong ever occurs and you rarely make mistakes. I guess that’s possible if everything worked out to your benefit.

It seldom does. Often, I find myself either catching myself before I make a mistake or dwelling in the aftermath.

One principle I hold close to my heart is to try to do your best. Things may work out, or they may fail, but at least you tried your best.


Thinking about the situation made me realize how blessed I am. I get to make a choice.

Some people don’t get choices.


 Here are the after-effects:

I had to pay my mother for the older phone. It’s an unnecessary expense.

The new phone is an added expense to the accident I caused. With the increase in premiums and repairs to my front bumper, an additional $2260 in cash outflows is expected within the year.


This money could have been used for my business, saving for a house, or paying down my car loan.

I will be more cautious, looking forward. I also understand that bad things happen, and sometimes they all happen at once.

Dame Dash happens to be someone whose knowledge and wisdom I value and respect. He once remarked, “Bosses are paid to untangle problems.”


The picture was selected to show that self-inflicted harm can be costly, reaching us because of our status in life. Who would have thought a King would fall on his own sword!


Thoughts? Questions? Concerns?

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