Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress

Hello to All. Sitting down to write about your weekly experiences can be both stressful and inspiring. In essence, you are analyzing the thoughts you had with the results you received. Then you are posting your thoughts and results for all to see.

This week was hard for me to establish any rhythm. However, towards the end of the week, I began to gather my composure. Going to school, working full-time and completing the requirements to start a business can be stressful. I’m getting use to it though.

Once I reminded myself that I was in control of things, not the results, I felt the calmness return. When I’m stressed out, I usually can point to two or three new situations that are demanding my attention. The important thought I try to keep in mind is, “What needs to be done TODAY?”

If I could complete that one thing and by complete, I mean totally complete, what would that be? This helps me to prioritize my time and focus on what’s truly important for the day. Things don’t always go according to plan but having a priority for the day can help tremendously.

Taking advantage of the time breaks you have throughout the day can also help. If you have to wait in traffic you could listen to audiobook. If you are in the waiting room, take that time and use it constructively.


I maintained my self-discipline throughout the week and averaged my usual two to three small frivolous purchases. Since the beginning of last month, I’ve been able to remain on a tighter budget than usual. It all began with attempting the 30-day no-spending challenge.

However, when I totaled my monthly cash flow I was both surprised and discouraged. Although I trimmed my expenses to the bare essentials, it wasn’t enough to create the surplus I envisioned. I was totally convinced that with the reduced spending I would have saved more than the previous month. This was not the case.

Surprise/emergency expenses derailed my plan of savings. Despite falling short of my goal I now know that I have the ability to drastically cut spending when needed.


This week no trades were made. Watching Litecoin fluctuate was interesting as I wait for another decrease (pullback) in price. This upcoming week I will look for short-term options spreads to trade.

This week I am going to give myself a “B+”. The reason for the B+ is that although I felt short of goals, I still persisted in reducing my spending.

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