Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress

Hello to All. To those that our new to Better Financial Times, Welcome. To those that are returning, how much of what you earned is being returned to you with interest?

This week was another slow week. Often the most challenging time to manage money is when its coming and coming in fast. Learning to restrain yourself can be a full time job. Everything looks appealing when you can afford it.

How sweet it is to be able to select an item and not ask about the price. What a trap for those unaware of the challenge when it comes to cash flow. Cash flow fluctuates as we know but sometimes we can’t anticipate by how much.

One action I try to take when receiving excess money is to try and take care of potential problems or bills. It’s hard to take the excess money you received and spend it on a bill. Especially a large bill that may reduce your cash flow significantly.

*And sometimes investing in yourself or your business can reduce your cash flow as well. That’s another decision you will have to make. Is the future worth it? Or is enjoying yourself right now the most important thing to you?

But if you can manage to make it through the month than why not? If you do put off paying the bill, waiting until days before it is due to pay, what could happen?

A lot of things could happen. What if a major event occurs that you could not have anticipated and it severely reduces your cash flow. If you have no money saved than credit might be your only option.

Paying the bill early can save you a lot of heartache in the future. The bill is paid and now it is out of the way. I’ve been implementing this strategy within my life and it is has helped me tremendously.

This week with the excess capital I received I was able to pay of some bills and save. That’s a good week in my book. A couple of small expenses as usual but nothing extravagant.

Understanding where I am, helps me understand where I am going. This week I’ll give myself a “B”. Earning and Returning will be something I will be focusing on for the next week.

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