Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress

Hello All! Hope everyone is making the most of thei week. There’s a lot going on in the world including the shutdown which continues to affect the economy. Very few realize the long-term consequences this shutdown will have not just in America but the world.

This week was a bit slower than usual but I made the most of it. My spending strategies remained the same although I did make a few adjustments. I can say that with each passing week, my spending habits are improving. My continuing goal is to complete a 30-day no spending challenge.

Each time I psych myself up to begin the no spending challenge, I make a purchase often from boredom. As time goes on and you continue to limit your purchases, boredom may set in and the question of enjoyment begins for me. It goes something like this:

The last 3 days I made every effort to limit my purchases and I think that I am entitled to a little enjoyment this week.

And just like that, another spending spree at the expense of my future plans for savings and investments. This week was more of the same but I am getting a little better at stopping before I begin. Although, I did make some adjustments this week, I still brought overpriced energy drinks at the gas station.

For this very action, I’d give myself a “C+” because I know better. I could purchase a 30 pack of energy drinks at smart & finals or Costco which would cost $2 day if averaged out for the month.

So tomorrow, I am going to Costco.

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