Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress

Greetings and Salutations! I hope that this post reaches you in good spirits. If that’s not the case, tomorrow always provides a fresh start to make changes.

This week wasn’t as challenging as the previous week and my expenses were well managed. Each week, I expect surprise expenses and experiences, splurges on small unnecessary snacks and a little extra spent on sushi. This week I tried to limit those types of purchases to prepare for the next week.

Thinking a week in advance has helped me to become better aware of my cash flow. I have also listed the due dates for monthly bills on my whiteboard so that I always know when a fixed expense is coming. Variable (Not Consistent) expenses can be a major problem but fixed (Consistent) expenses can create financial ruin. Why? Because it’s the fixed expenses like car payments, house payments and things of that nature that are due regardless of your current financial situation.

A surprise expense may catch you off guard and add to the financial dilemma of living paycheck to paycheck but its the fixed expenses we go to work to cover. Most people use credit to cover the surprise or unexpected expense but what do you do about the car payment that is continually due?

I use to put pressure on myself to perfect the art of saving every penny that may have slipped through the cracks last week. I’m usually hopeful that I’d be able to anticipate every expense but it just doesn’t work like that. There have been expenses I just couldn’t anticipate and the only thing that saved me is I knew an unexpected expense would arise sooner or later.

So what I have learned to do is, if I can say “No” then its “No” but if its a small splurge and I can afford it, I usually spend it on the item. Why? Why would someone do this, who is focused on managing their expenses?

Discipline and self-control, I personally believe should be respected and enforced although there are times when spontaneity is needed.

While I am out, there are stores, advertisements and electronics, plenty of things to spend money on.

Other times, I break. Its usually a small purchase but someties I do break. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has maintained a solid budget at least close to 95% of the time.

  • If so, what are your methods?
  • Do you find that you tend to splurge when you finally spend or are you disciplined enough to master your spending?

The 30 day no-spending challenge for me will begin next week. So I am eager to see how I do.

This week I’ll give myself another “B”. For me, an “A”, is when you have completely monitored and controlled your cash flow throughout the week with no slip-ups.

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