Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Letter "F"

Weekly Progress

Hello All! I hope all is well. This week I began the 30-day no spending challenge and failed by the 3rd day. I coasted through the weekend knowing my first real challenge would be Monday’s commute to work.

I sometimes stop for gas on my way to work and I usually make an unnecessary purchase before completing purchasing the gas. It’s usually an item priced between $5-$7 and in most cases its totally unnecessary. Most of the time its an item I could purchase at Costco wholesale.

I’d thought I’d be able to avoid purchase but I didn’t. It went downhill from there. The next day I spent money on Fries to go along with my lunch. The following day I purchased another item at the gas station.

At every turn, the pressure to avoid spending became too much. Most of my thoughts revolved around the sushi purchase I make each weekend. Sushi is and was my reward for successfully completing the week adhering to my goals. No Sushi? What? You have to enjoy life, right?

I thought about how well I did last month sticking to my budget despite the emergency expenses I had to make. This was another rationalization. I should have been thinking about what sticking to this challenge would do for me both mentally and spiritually.

Successfully completing this challenge would have allowed me to save more money in preparation for the future. I could have used the money saved to invest in education or businesses I have started.

This challenge is truly a test of self-control.

Here are my further reflections:

  • Should I have purchased the items wholesale that I purchase regularly?
  • Attempting to complete this challenge is continuing to help curb my spending.
  • I never realized how much boredom affects my spending decisions.
  • I’m asking if the purchase is really necessary before the purchase.
  • You need to have a clear purpose/goal to manage your money successfully. A vague purpose/goal won’t hep curb you spending, it’ll increase it.

Within the last week, I significantly cut down my expenses but I still failed the challenge. This week I am giving myself an “F”.

Should I try again? What recommendations do you suggest?

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