Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress

Hope all is going well with you as we begin the new week. Have you made any adjustments worthy of congratulating yourself for?

Never forget to congratulate yourself on a job well done.

This week was again another mediocre week in regards to my spending plan and follow through. I hoped that this week would prove to be a better week considering I failed the 30-day no spending challenge last week.

The one aspect of my spending plan that has not changed is my willingness to make adjustments as I go. No matter how hard I try, I can not avoid making mistakes in executing my spending plan. However, a quick adjustment in both thinking and action can help to fix a challenge immediately. That’s the key, noticing something is wrong and be willing to make the adjustment immediately.

The number one killer of goals and plans is procrastination.

This week I decided to eat out on Friday for lunch and Dinner which helped me to relieve some stress for the day. I usually cook everyday but it was raining and I created a great excuse, “Its for one day and tomorrow I’ll be back on top of things.”

The next day I made my lunch and was back on top of things. I admire the extreme savers. Their goal of living on the bare essentials to accomplish their goal of retiring early is admirable. I will continue to adjust my spending until I reach a balance that compliments my goals.

This weeks grade is another “C”. I believe that the grading should get progressively harder as you get better.

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