Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Letter "F"

Weekly Progress

Greetings to All. Last week was a bit of a challenge once again.

Before receiving dental insurance, I had none for about two years. So as you can imagine I needed a lot of work as I regained my insurance. The insurance provider partially covers my dentist visit and operation expenses. With more than five visits within the last two years I quickly racked up a balance.

Paying down the balance I owed on time felt great and felt even better as I was close to paying off the balance. Only $300 was left on the balance that once had ballooned to $1500.

And then I received a letter from my insurance provider stating that they would cover less than a third of the opersation. And BAM! my balance is once again over $1,500.

After seeing the bill, I tried to cover the embarrassment by spending. Bad Move. With my usual bills, I now have to wait until payday for any discretionary spending. I also had to dip into two sources of savings to cover my expenses.

These kinds of things happen from time to time. The good part is that the payments are made directly to the dentist. The dentist has worked with me in the past in creating a flexible payment. So I am thankful for that.

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us. A cluster of emotions can hit at once. Next time, I’ll increase positive thinking to decrease emotional spending.

I have to give myself a “F” for last week.

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