Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: Higher than expected expenses!

Hello to All. I hope everyone is doing well, not fretting too much about their taxes. What a surprise it must have been for those accustomed to receiving a return to now owe. Fortunately, I do not owe the IRS any money from the previous year.

I remember receiving a letter informing me that I owed the IRS over $1,000 for improperly reporting a Grant. At first the amount didn’t seem like much. I thought to myself, I could pay this amount off in no time but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.

My spending habits and life’s surprise events threw me into a downward spiral. Luckily, with the pay raise I received the IRS just decided to take my returns for the next two years. I guess it worked out for both of us. They received the money that they believed they were owed and I was free of debt to the government. Well, looking back, I guess it just worked out for them.

Since I’ll be making more I’ll update my W-4 to increase the withholdings so next years tax season won’t be a surprise.


This was a tough week in terms of disciplining myself to cut back on the small purchases. With the increase in pay and my frugality I naturally created a surplus in savings. Although I feel good about my savings, I feel anxious to spend. The reason for this could be boredom and the lack of excitement I feel in budgeting.

I have to admit that discovering new ways of surviving for the week keeps your instincts sharp. Although its benefits stop when you check your blood pressure at the end of the week.

This month I was determined to put my excess cash flow to good use. I paid off some bills and saved the rest. If you where to look at my month to month expense chart you’d see a definite increase. My thinking is that the increase will save me money in the future.


This week I made my usual investments. Small automatic deposits withdrew from my account on a weekly basis. The withdrawals are small enough not to notice but large enough to make a difference at the end of the money.

I’m also beginning to find my market. The more I study and understand options the more I want to learn. They can be extremely complex but being able to hedge your risk using leverage is beyond interesting. It’s thrilling. I’m also studying the crypto market as I begin to understand what the technology behind crypto is accomplishing.


This week, I’ll give myself a “B” for maintaining the status quo.

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