Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: Maintaining the Energy for Commitment!

Hello to All. Last week I didn’t post due to the tragedy involving artist, Nipsey Hussle. He was an upcoming rapper, philanthropist and businessman ascending to the top. A man of the people. His death has inspired many to unite and continue striving to reach greater heights. Everyone including myself is still in a state of shock but we must progress foward.

With an increase in income I begin to increase my spending. Slowly but surely I begin to slip into the mindset of, next paycheck I cover it. When my hourly wage rose I was able to meet my monthly obligations with ease. This left excess money.

Although I received the wage increase, I was determined to live as I did before. Saving as much as I could for a rainy day and investing the rest for the future. Surely that would provide the satisfaction I was looking for: A relief in the week to week anxiety about potential emergencies and their costs.

But instead of relief, I felt guilt. I felt bored. I felt complacent. It turns out the anxiety provided me with a shot of adrenline.

With the added cushion I felt secure in knowing that I could cover an expense an emergency. I begin to spend and for the first time in months, I became reckless.

Towards the end of last week, I was able to revitalize my enthusiasm toward saving and investing.


By realizing that once you’re making progress it takes effort to maintain progress. It never stops. You should be constantly monitoring and adjusting your perspective towards your finances.

Lessons in SAVING:

Automation allowed me to save during lean times when my paycheck was thinner than usual. Adjusting the features to accommodate your situation will allow you to save in any environment. When the times are especially good, you can contribute even more towards your savings.

Lessons in Investing:

It takes time. When I first started studying about investing I was in a rush to complete every book. I thought that the faster the knowledge was in my head the quicker I could succeed.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If your active and attend the gym regularly, watch whose in a hurry and whose established a pace. When you understand how to do something you begin to establish a pace. Pace, to me, means finding a speed that you are comfortable progressing at.

Learning about investing as with anything else is about pace. Once I found my pace I could truly focus on what the author was saying. Then I thought about how I could apply the lesson towards my life. I’m making better progress at a faster rate because I’ve found my pace.

I can also apply pace towards investing by finding assets that move at a pace I’m willing to watch and analyze.

This week I won’t give myself a grade. Wait, that’s not a sign of commitment!

I’ll give myself a “B-“. I’ll give myself a “B-” only because I made a conscious choice to break a routine that was forming. I made an effort to maintain my commitment.

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