Trade The Journey

Trade The Journey

Weekly Progress: Respect Your Passion!

Hello to All.

Make a Million dollars before you flatline. Make a master plan watch it backfire. Burn it all down and Collect the ashes. Build it back. Respect Your Passion.

Nipsey Hussle- Respect Ya Passion

Amid your pursuit of success, you’re often in solitary, away from friends and the company of family. It’s a lonely road fraught with distractions and challenging decisions that only a person with a vision can surmount.

Financially its a game of rates and risks. Making sure the rates compensate you for the risk of time. I think this is the idea that has stayed with me and one that I have learned to implement this week. I can not completely control what may happen with time but I can somewhat anticipate the rates.

What is the rate I need? A rate I feel comfortable sacrificing the use of my money for the current moment. What rate will increase my present amount to the amount desired in the future with the least risk?

At first, I considered government rates as a possible avenue but do I need the money sometime in the future? Yes, so that option is off the table.

This week I thought about what I needed my money for. I thought about the opportunity cost, the strategy and the action I needed my money to take. Then I took the liberty of ensuring that the plan had the least success of happening.

What do you mean?

I spent it and figured that the opportunity cost wasn’t the opportunity of rates or returns I was giving up. It was the opportunity of having a good time, I was consistently giving up.

So within reason, I improved my rate of return on happiness. Spent the money to watch the boxing match, order food and purchase some extra greens for extra satisfaction.

Of course, being that this was a short-term investment and being familiar with patterns, I feel the return will show on Monday. How will I decipher the return?

Am I refreshed? Approaching the week anew? Or do I feel like the weekend was just an extension of last week?

Sometimes, your rate of return is the rate of happiness you feel throughout your life. This year and beyond, I would like a rate of return that matches my financial and happiness expectations.

With those expectations of excellence comes the extra work. Research and development. Investing in a different form of research and development, one completed in the field.

None of this could be done without consistently monitoring my circumstances and reassessing my approach. This week was a progressive week for me.

Because I respect my passion, there’s always room for improvement. I’ll give myself a hard-fought “C +”.

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